Daytona 500 ‘Scopes

These are a few of the ‘scopes I found very interesting. As if we don’t already live in interesting times. (Isn’t that an old Chinese curse?) Mouser is my newest “seer”…sneaking in my office at night to check out the cam….little does he know he on and I get to see what he does secretly at night…did you see him sitting on the back of Chad’s couch (in the previous post) with his Tony Gear on?

Sunday, 19 February 2006 for Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
General mood: Touchy and irritable
Valid during several weeks: This influence can be quite difficult. You are inclined to feel touchy and irritable and to regard almost any communication from another person as a challenge. And you will make this attitude so clear to people that they may even tread lightly around you for fear of setting you off. Anyone who crosses you will be told off in no uncertain terms. The worst way to handle this influence, but what you are most likely to do, is to identify your own ego with what you believe or think. This will make you act as if your very life were threatened, which of course it is not. If you have to fight for your beliefs, this influence can be a help, but don’t look for a battle or create an issue where none exists. **(this influence began last weekend)***could this have to do with Chad??

Sunday, 19 February 2006 for Mark Martin, born 9 January 1959
Theme: Getting things done
This is an excellent time for getting things done. You are in an orderly state of mind and have a strong sense of self-discipline. You carefully consider every move before acting. You make plans at a very concrete level and insist that it be possible to execute them in the practical universe. You are not interested in idealistic speculations or abstract considerations that cannot be applied in daily life. All matters relating to work or your profession are favored by this influence, precisely because of your orderly mental state. Any tasks that you do today will be very carefully done with no loose ends. It is possible that your serious and attentive attitude to your work will attract the attention of your employer or other persons in authority whom you encounter. **Won the Truck race last night! What could happen tomorrow? At least top 10

Sunday, 19 February 2006 for Greg Biffle, born 23 December 1969
Themes-Punctuated with humor**Valid during several months:
Today your thoughts are on light topics, and you find it difficult to take things seriously. Your good mood will affect every encounter today, making conversations agreeable, sociable and friendly, punctuated with humor. You are not likely to have any patience with serious or heavy topics, although you are willing to discuss relationships and matters pertaining to love and affection. You will find it very easy to express love and affection for others today, even if you are usually tongue-tied. If you want to say something to make a favorable impression on someone, you will succeed today. You can win people over by what you say and how you say it. This influence also favors commercial transactions and negotiations, particularly in the entertainment field. **Gaining quite a fan base …this Vancouver boy is going to be in the top all year.

Sunday, 19 February 2006 for Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972
***This may be a somewhat difficult day, full of frustration and irritating occurrences. Do not plan to launch any daring or risky activity, because the chances are that you will not succeed. Your energies do not have the necessary vigor or power. It is better to concentrate upon routine activities that require you to follow a well-established pattern. Other people may seem unusually irritating to you today. They may seem to be trying to “get your goat,” or worse, to be taking actions that are quite destructive to you and your interests. You feel angry, but this influence does not often give you the opportunity to express your anger. You may be forced to seethe in silence, although it is not a good idea to let the energy just sit inside you. It can become physically destructive. ** Be careful Matty-Boy…

Sunday, 19 February 2006 for Carl Edwards, born 15 August 1979
A foggy day: Valid during several weeks:
Today you may feel inclined to keep a secret or hold back information in order to avoid a confrontation with someone. It is not good to do this, because it will only contribute to the fog of confusion and unclarity that surrounds you during this time. For the same reasons, avoid any form of misrepresentation or distortion of the truth, even if you think it might be politic to mislead someone. In every way you should strive to keep all your communication and thinking clear, lucid, factual and rooted in the real world. If you try to avoid confrontations by acting evasively under this influence, you will run up against even more demoralizing confrontations later. Also be careful in any kind of negotiations or business dealings today, because you could be the victim of misrepresentation, even if you are not the perpetrator.
More to come…
Tony and Jr of course Elliot…Bobby, Robby…the list goes on and on….**lol**


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  1. Uh-oh Mattty. Wonder who will piss him off? Probably the 24.

    Love how Mouser watches the computer!

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