Tony Stewart’s Scope for Daytona 500

Here it is Lap 133 of the 500 already. I had unexpected company over the weekend. My sis and her hubby came up to by a new Mt. bike, and needless to say you know how things can happen on the anniversery of someone’s death( my Mom’s which happens to coincide with Dale Earnhardt’s). Things got out of hand and all the scope’s didn’t get up. I need to post what Tony’s said before this race ends…

Sunday, 19 February 2006 for Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971
Theme: Looking inward
Valid during several months: At this time it is good to look inward and reflect upon deep psychological truths within yourself. This influence often signifies conversations and intellectual encounters that have a profound effect upon your mind, causing you to go deep within yourself and make changes in your point of view or ways of thinking. This time is conducive to very deep thinking, sometimes including thoughts about your own and your loved ones’ mortality. Reflecting upon these matters from time to time in moderation can help to keep your life in perspective, but don’t get too carried away by thoughts of death, because this can draw you away from the here and now.

I got Matt’s up last night. I hope that both he and Tony settle down. Tony needs to listen to his own words. He has been worried about someone else getting killed any way so here are my words to him:


I loved the in car cam shot tho of Tony slapping that camera away from his face!! **lol**

It is that passion that I love about Tony Stewart…it is that passion that has gotton him a spank or two so far…

LAP 145 It is all up to JR and Mark Martin to stop the Alien invasion at this very moment….SCARY….

Be back later….


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  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Still a little ticked at Tony. Yes, don’t kill Matt Kenseth!!!

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