DAYTONA 500!! 2006

Ok…so Tony had a bad day…I think perhaps he was a little grumpy. Probably somewhat tired from the week…
My favorite moments of the race today were Tony showing his feelings in his Tony way. When that in- car camera was getting on his nerves, he looked directly in it’s eye and slapped (**I mean gently moved**) it, a courageous and thoughtful safety measure. He protected the other driver’s by making sure his line of sight wasn’t blocked somehow. How can you have a calm and cool head without clear vision?
Matty was a little miffed at Tony for some reason today…**lol** I could hear Bab’s screaming naughty words all way from Texas, clear up here in Idaho. I am sure it wasn’t my imagination.
Matt thought Tony did it on purpose.
Poor Tony had a bad day and replied with a release this explanation, through the team’s car manufacturer:

“Matt always thinks that. I guess Matt didn’t think anything when he got me sideways over in (Turn) 2 either,” said Stewart. “He should have thought about that first.
“But I got penalized but they didn’t penalize him for getting me sideways. He has no room complain. He started the whole thing, and I finished it.”
“Earlier in the race he was shaking his fist to me,” Kenseth said.
Stewart replied: “He should have been smart enough to know not to be tucking down our doors in the first 20 laps of a 200-lap race at Daytona.”

Dale Jarrett, starting the season quietly in the top 10, must have been telling Jeff Green “Hey! Great race!” as he was walking by someones SUV, and Mr. Green was taking a quiet stroll through the parking lot.

Ryan Newman losing in a non- robot like manner said “This could still be the first opportunity for NASCAR to pull away a victory if the thing is illegal.” “It’s disappointing. I think a lot of Jimmie Johnson and his talent, but I’m pretty sure at least three of his last four wins have had conflictions with the cars being illegal.
“You know, it’s not necessarily good for the sport.”
He has evidently decided to trade places with Jeff Gordon in 2006 as The Biggest Whiner.
Jeff Gordon on the other hand, having reason to whine, didn’t. Yeah…yeah…he was a happy camper having happen to own the winning car that JJ won with. Regardless, he wanted the win bad. He didn’t whine at all or blame the wall incident on Tony. He took it like a man.
Tony on the other hand was having a bad day…”That stupid @#$%came up the middle and ran me into the fence,” Stewart yelled over his car radio.The Church of the Great Oval guard dog Scooby said: “HRUH??”

I think in the whole “cheater” thing is just that Chad Knaus, got caught. He got couched… He was penalized. Jimmy Johnson still won because Jimmy Johnson is one heck of a driver. He didn’t make the mistakes he has in the past. He learned from his past and kept his head. He did a great job and has a great win tucked into his belt. He has a right to be proud. He would have crossed that finish line in first place regardless if Biff hadn’t biffed.
Congratulations to the entire #48 team.

Sometimes the penalties are worth it I guess. Jimmy drives well when he is ‘overcoming adversity”. Think about it.
I don’t believe for one second, that every single one of those cars at some point or another, have never been “creatively tweaked”. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The goal in this sport is to WIN, not lose…The gains that the sport has had in the technical aspect of WINNING since day one could probably all be called cheating at one point or another.
Big Daddy NASCAR showed the kids who was boss today. Got out the paddle and did some spanking. Rules will be rules and the rules will change…and save lives. Thank the Heavens that no one was hurt and there was no big one today.
But was it fun to watch? OH YEAH!! I loved it.
Let the season begin…



  1. Yeah there are more races. It is like looking forward to a hot “blind” date and all to discover it is Rosie O’Donnell.

  2. Hope Tony gets out of his bad mood…Damn NASCAR sent him to the back enough…Maybe he got up to early…and realized that the race won’t start til late!!! Whatever it was, he drove his heart out!!!!

  3. LOL! We heard Babs grousing all the way over here in Indiana too!

  4. we heard Babs in Arkansas too… My ears are still ringing.

  5. Oh…but I have no comment from Bab’s yet…She must still be PO’d…
    We love ya Bab’s.

  6. I still love ya too!

  7. The guy on FSN’s Around The Track (I don’t know his name, he keeps forgetting to introduce himself) blamed Kyle Busch running Tony off the track on Tony. See you do one thing bad and anything you do is bad.

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