Smoke Signals…

I have had a good ol’ time running around reading head lines and posts. Listening to late night talk show hosts….ROFLAO almost…as close as I get anyway. Visually? Trust me, it’s pretty close.
I think the Great Scot’ has put it as close as can be described in his Daytona: Final Roundup editorial today at Backstretch Motorsports. “Heee’s baaack!”. Bram also hopes Zippy has stocked up on antacids. I am thinking Xanex…or Adovan. When asked how Tony was doing emotionally yesterday, Zippy was like my Church of the Great Oval guard dog , Scooby:
“HRUH? He’s fine.” Acted like he had no idea what could be concerned about. I might have possibly enjoyed that whole race a little too much. I have been snickering all day.
USA Today quotes the great Smoke-stack with lashing out at Baby Busch:
“”He’s the one guy who’s probably going to hurt somebody out here,” Stewart said. “He’s all over the place out here. He’s what we like to call a bird with no feathers. He just doesn’t know where he’s going.”
I believe I have been pointing that out for awhile.
Alien takeover.
Foiled again.
Ye best be learnin some manner’s boy.
Those ol’ timers may have to teach you a lesson or two.
You are not above being spanked by NASCAR’s new paddle.
Former Champions either.
Get it?

In this couple days of Smoke/Kenseth/48 hater’s/and Driver bashers, there are a few Driver’s that I think have been over looked for outstanding performances. Robby Gordon
Casey Mears
Kirk Shelmerdine
Brian Vickers
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale Jarrett
and many other’s.

So off to Fontana we go…literally in the next couple of days.



  1. I will give props to all of them. I wonder if Jeff Green is still pissed at Dale Jarrett?

  2. How about Kenny Schrader??? He did very well!!

    Dawg…Or is Dale Jarret still pissed at Jeff Green?

    Ahhh… racing…

  3. I think you’re right, it was all that leadership stuff, lol. I wish I could have gone on line from home this weekend. Now I have to go check out all the bashers two days after the fact.

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