The Official Chad Knaus Probation Watch

I am officially in preparation for the Holy Pilgramage of the Church of the Great Oval to Fontana and Vegas.
While I was making sure I had a lot of pressure on myself by putting everything I need to do off until the last minute…I caught up on reading some of my favorite NASCAR blogs. I was reading Marc’s post about whining at Full Throttle. Marc always has lots of brilliant commentary to say on all aspects of the racing world. He pointed me to an newer blog out there called Pit Road Post.
I have some competition in my little NASCAR Goofreakingball World. I laughed my guts out. These two are freaking FUNNY. Creative. Great Posts. I am in Goof-ball Love. Make sure you have some time or make some time to go through their posts. There are several of note that you can check out real quick if you don’t have the time this second to sit and read. There is a post about a Jeff Gordon issue, a NASCAR workout, and they are the place to keep track of the Official Chad Knaus Probation Watch. These two are my kind of guys. I wonder what they think of Aliens…the next chapter in the Saga is about to unfold.
The other blog I want to point out is Rev Jim’s Rants and Raves. His insight on the Return of the Bad Boy is fair and thoughtful. He has plenty to say on a lot of other subjects too. A dedicated Member of the Church.
I adding links to these blogs in my daily stops. They are worthy of some good shout outs.



  1. Hey Clance! Guess what! I’m not dead. Now that the season is underway once again I’m back to blogging. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yay!! Frank’s not dead!! I was staring to wonder what happened to my “good” Nascar Dad!!

  3. Hey, thanks for the kind words about Pit Road Post! Aliens? I kind like Kenny Wallace and Michael Waltrip. Ward Burton was ok, but the language barrier from his planet was a bit of a problem.

  4. You are much obliged…

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