Carl Edwards – California Speedway

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Carl Edwards

15 August 1979

Theme: Mental work

This is an excellent time for all kinds of mental work, especially if you have to plan a future course of action with decisiveness and firmness. You will be in a positive mood and have great confidence in your position, which will enable you to make a positive impression and probably convince people of your point of view. This influence also favors working with others in a cooperative planning venture. You can make plans together or hash out differences of opinion in such a way that you make your point without anyone else feeling threatened. This is a good time for traveling in connection with your work. Because your energy level is high, you are restless to get things done. During this couple of days you will feel confident of yourself, your ideas and the effect you make when talking with people.

Other aspects :
Moon Square Uranus, exact at 07:36
Moon Opposition Venus, exact at 11:30
Moon Opposition Jupiter, exact at 13:03
Moon Opposition Sun, exact at 15:45
Moon Trine Pluto, exact at 07:35
Moon Sextile Neptune, exact at 08:41
Moon Square Chiron, exact at 02:33


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