Dale Jarrett – California Speedway

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Dale Jarrett

26 November 1956

Theme: General disagreement **
On the negative side, this can be a time of furious conflict with others. Recent actions by you or by other people may have created energies that lead to anger, rage and general disagreement between you and others. If you have not been careful to enlist people to your side in any work that required your individual initiative and if you have alienated them thereby, you may find now that the forces of opposition have become too great to control. Thus this influence can represent your defeat in some matter. If you yourself have not taken the initiative and have remained largely inactive, this influence will stir up all manner of subconscious energies that will make you irritable and difficult to get along with. You will feel this most strongly in all intimate one-to-one relationships.

** Other aspects:
Mercury Conjunction Mars, exact at 05:33
Venus Sextile Mars, exact at 23:15
Moon Conjunction Ascendant, exact at 04:47
Moon in the 1st House, exact at 04:47
Moon Sextile Mercury, exact at 00:46


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  1. Don’t say I didn’t say this…..

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