NASCAR, California Speedway Predictions, and ME..

Tony Stewart speaks to the media:
“What you guys have to remember is you guys don’t need to be in every part of our lives,” said Stewart, trying to stay in his happy place. “Let us deal with ourselves. You guys don’t need to be a part of everything that goes on this garage area.”The stuff that happened last week is left over last week. I talked about it. Guys go on to the next week.”
**the crowd boos**
Clance’ sticks up for him:

“YEAH!! Real Men go on to the next week!!
Westward Ho!! Right on!!
WHOOH!! WHOOH!! WHOOH!” Tony Stewart is the man!!

**She jumps and shakes her fist high in the air as she yells! She has also been showing her loyalty to Sterling Marlin’s old sponsor by induging in one or two… more sponsor products than she should of considering she is standing on a fixed object high in the air with no guard rails. Clance’ falls off the top of the RV she is standing on, which is parked in the infield at California Speedway.

Clance’ will be posting ‘scopes on her laptop, full of narcotic pain killers, from high atop a bed in some hotel room after her release from the ER. She is expected to be released from the hotel room and allowed back in the infield with the rest of her crew, long before the race tomorrow.

Teehee… Westward Ho alright.



  1. Well thank goodness. We need the scopes man!!!
    Like your new profile!

    PS.. Jackiesue asked me what time the race is on tomorrow and even mentioned NASCAR in another post of hers… I think we are reeling her in…

  2. Yeah go BABS!! Hey Clance. Good morning darlin.

  3. Ouch Clance’!! Didn’t realize this was a real event. You know how my reality floats in and out… hope you aren’t too sore and if you are, maybe you are having sympathy pains from Tony!

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