Folowing Taz…

I have decided to follow Tazfans lead and post pictures of my redecorating. Whenever I am in a rut I paint. Sometimes I start a painting project and think, why the HELL did I do that? I am in the midst of one of those.
I repainted the kitchen awhile back as you may remember, because my template was changing daily too. I am happy with the color of the kitchen. (Same green as my blog.)
The doc upped Dale’s Adovan until he is off treatment, so once again we are both human. **He is sedated….I am breathing without being afraid of starting something** Jeesh, I will be so glad when this is over. I know you are probably sick of hearing about it but I gotta vent somewhere…
Onward….no more whining today.
SOOOOOOOO…I got up early today and took everything of the walls in the entryway. Ran to the paint store and picked out a color call Navaho White. Brought it home. Opened the can. Looked at it **see the confusion on my face yet??**and it is a yellow color. Thought… SHIT. It is snowing and I didn’t want to go anywhere else today and this is messing up my plan.
So, my mind being the way it is, I thought, screw that, I am not going anywhere. I will just change the paint myself. So I went out to my studio, grabbed some paint and started mixing so I could have the color I wanted. Needless to say, 3 hours later, the color is really ugly, and I am going to go back to the paint store and spend another 30 bucks to buy another gallon of the color I wanted in the first place. I can’t return the first one because I messed with it, soooooo my impulse will cost me twice as much, my plan is shot, and I have to make a new one. It is still snowing and now the traffic is crazy between here and the freaking paint store.
I think I will just take the back road and go to Home Depot instead.

The positive here? I now have a can of paint in a very customized color that I have no idea what I will do with.

This is what Dale gets for choosing an Aquarian woman to be his mate.



  1. i’m sorry, but that’s very funny about the paint. only because it sounds like something i would do. wait, i have done.
    glad the doc increased Dale’s ativan. and that you can breathe easier now…

  2. LOL As a Virgo there’s NO WAY I would have dared take matters into my own hands. hehe I admire your Aquarian spunk!

  3. LOL.. It’s funny what you did with the paint. To begin with, i wouldn’t even know how to mix those stuff. Or more honestly, i’d give up and live with the current wall paint color. And as a scorpio, i would proably try and convince myself and others that that was the original color i had wanted.

  4. Oh yeah! I read your previous post first. Glad Satan has receeded.
    You really need Tony at Home Depot to help you pick the right colors. 🙂
    I’m laughing at your painting project. You crack me up. I used to re-arrange my furniture every 6 months. But painting, eh…I’m in an aparmtent. Screw it. Besides, I would have to clean first. EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!

  5. ok, next time you or anyone has a paint problem please call or email me…first of all..paint in the can and paint on the wall will be different colors..most latex paints dry lighter than the color in the also have to know that the lighting in the room will make a difference in the color.if you have outdoor light on one end of hall and electric light on the other end..they will appear to be different colors…before you leave the store with paint always assume they have fucked it up..when i mixed colors i would take a stir stick and paint it so they customer could see what it looked like dry…navajo white is usually a pinkish the white sounds like it could have been mixed wrong if it was yellow..sounds like a antique white..they ususally are a yellow might have been able to change it yourself with a little red…your best bet is to have them make up a quart of the color and test it on wall first..and if you paid $30 for a gallon of interior white for wall you got stores have a store line of already mixed whites for walls in flat, semi gloss or eggshell…any more questions? let me know..glad your back….

  6. I’m kinda like Rocky, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to add my own paint! Maybe you should just (play dumb) and take it back and ask them if Navaho White is suppose to look like! Demand that someone who knows what they are doing mix it this time! Lol

  7. Clance, I’m so glad I’m not alone in doing things on impulse. I have mixed paint to a point it comes out black. hehehe

    Happy Painting

  8. Uh…yeah Nancy…me too. Tex I can’t take it back. It no longer resembles anything that could be concieved in the White rage. It is much more like um….purple/green/yellow/ and do not mix Latex paints and oil stains. It will not make a goodwash.

  9. ryc: you can get the music thing from… pretty cool, other than the occasional long buffering time, though.

  10. Hi Clance, thought I’d drop by and see how you are, hope everything os ok with you..hugz,Linda

  11. And where are all these pictures you mentioned??? 🙂

  12. Clance go see my new look that Denise designed for me. Happy Happy Joy Joy *for a change, huh*

  13. you need to whack up a photo of your paint mixing concoction…maybe we can come up with suggestions on where you can use it…lol.

  14. Uh-huh… still no pics…
    We should form a company and sell telemarkerter’s personal info…. calling them at home at all hours. hehehehehehe

  15. If you are anything like me there is a place for the paint no matter what color it is. Hallway, stairway, laundry room, etc.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  16. Tell me about it. The paint we got for the back half of the living room looked great on the can, but is BUTT UGLY on the wall. I need to get more paint.

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