Red Bull gearing up for Toyota in 2007

Get ready for the invasion. I am as interested in NASCAR 2007 as I am in 2006.
The Red Bull Toyota Team is going to mean business.

Motor Sports News Article

I wonder how I can run a scope on an Australian drink, sponsoring a Japanese car with an Italian Technical Director in Mooresville, SC. The only thing that would make it harder and more fun is if one of the “only 4” Minority Driver’s in NASCAR were driving it.

NASCAR and Diversity?

They should be proud that they have accepted the current world trend towards diversity and honoring Black History month, so early in this century.
They didn’t have to look to hard to find which NASCAR and Black History story they would publish, since Bill Lester is current history.
This is the one thing that embarrasses me as a NASCAR fan. Tolerance and Diversity is lagging way behind in the wrong era.



  1. What about Willie T Ribbs? Yes that is his real name. Mornin Clance.

  2. I was a fan of Ribbs. I think, from what I read he lost interest in racing. I thinbk his name would be great for a resaraunt chain.

  3. “thinbk” – typonese for “think”

  4. Yep, we certainly need more tolerance and diversity in NASCAR.

    Bummer I’ll miss Church chat during tomorrow’s race.

  5. i’m looking forward to cheering for a toyota. i hope they hire a martian to drive for them. if my 96 corolla is still with me i might even get a toyota ball cap to watch in style.

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