Dale Jr. Live…and Jeff Gordon LIVES! at my House.

Ok, all you Jr. fans, don’t say I never did nuthin’ for you.

SCENE Daily: Web site hosting Earnhardt Jr. show

I will also be posting my response and “rebuttal” to Rev Jim’s post of why I do not like Jeff Gordon later today…I just can’t decide whether to make it public or private. Yup, it might be that bad and it has nothing to do with Jeffie. In reality. It ain’t his fault…I can’t stand to listen to him talk tho. That is reality.
Stay tuned for more…

**Why do I have a southern drawl and bad grammer in my head today?** (Runs away screaming and pulling at hair…)



  1. Yes, so I used “creative engineering” to do the Spanish!! So, what? You gonna dock me 25 points?
    I can’t stand to listen to Jeffie talk either!
    Email me about the Blog Mad thing, you have to add a different code. I’m not sure you have the correct one on here.

  2. Uh…thanks Clance (?)

  3. hehehe…got your blog while cruising Blog Mad…gave you a thumbs up!!

  4. excellent picture of cartman. he needs a star of david on his car.

  5. my blog shows JJ going mad after being turned down by jeffy poo. it’s only a 5 shot so not too many people have to worry till he gets in his ‘weapon’ on sunday-viva los vegas

  6. Hey, you should move that Blog mad banner down in your footer. We can’t see all your links anymore!! They are at the bottom of your page!!!

    Sooner has choosen the sacred NASCAR!!!

  7. I see my links when I use IE and don’t when I use Firefox. Why is that??
    I have a new look coming you guys…….just wait. Our famous Template maker (Denise is going to do some custom work for me. Be Patient…til after Vegas.)

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