Dale Earnhardt Jr. ~ Las Vegas

12 March 2006
Dale Earnhardt Jr. 10 October 1974

Theme: Daydreaming and setting personal goals, balancing who you really are.
Valid during many months: This influence will make it easier for you to contact the world of your dreams and fantasies. This may not be especially apparent when carrying out your daily routine, except perhaps if your occupation allows you to express your creative side in some way. If this is the case, this could be an inspirational time in which you could feel unable to keep track of the overwhelming flood of images emerging from your unconscious. This time will also be positive for you if your work involves caring for those suffering from physical and emotional pain, because it makes you more sensitive, helping you to understand many of the underlying causes of human suffering which are incomprehensible to the rational mind.
This influence will also help you to better understand problematic issues which you would usually rather ignore. It would probably do you good to get away from the rough and tumble of everyday life occasionally, giving your mind the chance to wander. Images from your childhood and adolescence could come to you during times of withdrawal, and these could bring back both beautiful and painful memories. This soothing time will help you see painful memories in a new light, making it easier for you to forgive those people who hurt you. Releasing yourself from your inner hurt will also increase your sense of freedom.

A compulsive quality lies in your concious and unconcious mind. This is a very significant time in your inner and outer personal life.
This influence intensifies your emotional expression throughout the day and makes your relationships more intense. You will feel your love for someone quite strongly today, and you will be able to express it meaningfully to your loved one. Sexual desire is also stimulated by this influence, but only as part of the overall emotional intensification. A new relationship that starts under this influence is likely to be quite intense. You feel drawn to another as if by magical power, because the other person represents something inside you that needs expression through a love relationship. It is really the power of your own psyche that you feel. Such a relationship can be quite good, although it is desirable that the compulsive quality wear off before you settle down to a long-term relationship.


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