David Stremme ~ Las Vegas

Sunday, 12 March 2006
David Stremme, born 19 June 1977

This will be a difficult time during which you will have to fight for your independence and the recognition you deserve. If you usually play down your achievements this influence will reinforce this tendency, leading to depressed moods and feelings of resignation and inadequacy. You may fear that some of your personal weaknesses and uncertainties are incompatible with your high self-expectations. If you are a fighter by nature your behavior may swing from periods of aggressive self-sufficiency interspersed with occasional breakdowns during which you will question both your aims and ability to achieve them, together with your whole sense of inner integrity.
You will suffer from not being able to change your spots to leave all your inhibitions and weaknesses behind, and might feel that your vulnerability and uncertainty are severe disabilities which you would rather not admit to having. This influence touches on painful experiences where we have the feeling that we have somehow failed, or situations in which we have suffered rejection at the hands of our father or some other figure of authority. These and similar experiences can form the basis of a deep sense of uncertainty and extreme vulnerability. In later life we then overcompensate in some areas while erecting strong emotional defenses in others. These are the underlying causes of any difficulties and tensions which you are now suffering. To gain something positive from this influence you need to come to terms with these painful experiences and the often unbearable embarrassment they cause, and to learn to see them as something positive. Try to accept whatever happens and to adopt a more relaxed attitude that will enable you to integrate these aspects into your life.


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