NASCAR, Surprises Jimmy Johnson win, Smoke and Big Baby Busch.

**Did you hear some driver screaming like a girl over the radio today?**

“Somebody tell NASCAR Tony is trying to kill me!!”

Congrats to Jimmy Johnson. What a surprise win…Nobody can say he cheated this time, except the people who just whine about everything anyway. The bad losers always do.
Too bad for Matt Kenseth, he drove like a Champ and cars can only be pushed so far. That is what racing is about.

How many points does a driver get for leading for 1000 feet during a race? I know how many point’s JJ got, so don’t send me a bunch of emails like I am as dumb as Big Baby Busch. Kurt has apologized once for him this week. Kurt has been acting sort of Human lately. All bubbly and funny and cute. The Mature Big Brother.

The following is all I have to say about the issues between Tony Stewart and Big Baby Busch. Tony handled himself with dignity.
I do think, by the looks of this picture, that Tony thought Baby Busch was hiding from him right after the race. Tony wisely chose to leave the track, refusing any media interviews. This is what I think is really happening…

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After the race.

Sometime after midnight tonite.

Even later…

Before the sun comes up tomorrow.

The kid needs a good spanking.

Old school style.



  1. LMAO off about Big Baby Busch movies!! Tell NASCAR Tony’s trying to kill me!! hahahahaha
    I’m scared of Kurt’s new “nice guy” act. I’m not buying it. I think it’s a secret alien ploy.

    Okay, I’m going to be a whiner and a bad loser and say JJ cheated!!! Ya, I have no proof, so what!!! I’m just being a sore loser!!*pffffffft*

  2. Joe Gibson needs to put Stewart on Ritalin.

    I hope Kenseth, or Shrub, smacks him good at Bristol.

  3. errr meant Gibbs

  4. I think Home Depot should suppy Tony with pruning shears!!!! That is what you use on Shrubs, isn’t it??? Yep, Can’t wait till Bristol…I can think of alot of people that need to meet the wall!!!

  5. Your movies are great! Loved the ending with big brother Busch and his ‘makeover.’

  6. Too funny!

    What’s really irritating to me is how people bitch if Smoke talks to the media, then they bitch if he leaves WITHOUT talking to the media…he just can’t win with those folks.

    Busch is a puss.

  7. What gets me if how the media just jumps right on these drivers right after an incident happens. They are taking advantage of the situation. I mean, have you ever been in a fender bender due to someone else being at fault and you get out of your car wanting to kill them? Well just imagine doing 190mph and having the same thing happen. These media people just don’t get it and what these drivers go through on the track. Hey Smoke, I think you should take some of those media guys out for a lap or two around the track..Perhaps at Bristol Baby!!!

    Have a great day.

    “Where the rubber meets the asphalt”

  8. I’m still laughing. A lot of fans don’t realize that it takes two to tangle. The anti-Smoke fans didn’t realize that it was their guy who did most of the bangin’

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