NASCAR and Diversity

SCENE Daily: Bill Lester making Nextel Cup qualifying attempt

Lester will be the first African-American driver in 20 years to attempt to qualify for a Cup series race.

“To say I am proud and honored to have this company behind me is an understatement,” Lester said in a news release. “Their commitment to diversity alone is laudable, but the fact that they really believe in me and support me so thoroughly is really meaningful. Getting to know their employees and values has made me feel like a part of their family, and I couldn’t think of a better partner to join me in this momentous opportunity. To have Waste Management on both my Toyota Tundra truck and Nextel Cup Dodge is terrific, and I will definitely be ‘thinking green’ this weekend.”

I am going to write in Green for Bill and Red the rest of the week like a good Scotch – Irish girl, for good luck for Bill. ***
How cool would it be if he not only qualifies, but wins at Atlanta?
Too freaking cool!!
Guess who’s scope I will be adding to weekly inquiry?

*** By the way, I do not celebrate St. Patricks Day. He wasn’t a Saint, he was a murderer. The “snakes” he drove out were people. People who refused to worship in the way they were dictated. Trust me ….you don’t want me to go there in a post. On a Quest maybe, but not here. That would be against my own rules of behavior at The Church.
Red is for the blood of my ancestors that was shed in the attempted Genocide of religious freedom.
Too bad that kind of thinking is still going on today.
I better shut up and move along now…



  1. I am excited about this. I was going to post something on my blog, but you beat me to it. I know what you mean about St Patrick, though. I’m not anti-Catholic, but there were a lot of atrocities in those days.

  2. Good luck to Bill, Hopefully he will fare better than ol Willie T. Ribbs. Yes that is a real noncaucasion drivers real name. Hell of a driver. A little before his own time. If you know what I mean.

  3. Good luck to Bill. I hope he does make the field and kick some ass.

    I used to celebrate St. Patty’s day when I was a drunk, but that’s the only reason. Just another excuse to get drunk. I don’t drink anymore, so no celebrating.

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