NASCAR – ? Steal your face?

***parts of this post were accidently published on On a Quest… recently. – Tony Stewart gets hearse back from SPEED Channel’s Unique Whips

This is one of the reasons that I enjoy Tony Stewart so. He looks for fun in his life and he is not afraid to be weird. I look forward to the hurse being finished.
The Gr
ateful Dead had a hearse in my old life. What a long strange trip it’s been.

Being a Deadhead and a NASCAR Fan really isn’t that much different actually. They each have a Culture of their own, with many diverse people sharing the love of something in common…having fun, unique experiences with people all over the land. Travelling far to see you favorites. Your hero’s.
Jerry Garcia would have loved Tony’s spirit of adventure. His dedication to his personal growth, spirit and loyalty to his group of family and freinds would have got him a pat on the back and a Right On!! as only Jerry could do. When he said it he meant it. Then they could have had a long converstion about Fractals and Chaos Theory and how it could be applied to Tony’s life and performance. What a conversation the would be. Just imagine Tony crediting Quantum Physics for his improvement. That would be so awsome. **laughing as I write.** It would be too cool. Bad cool. Wicked cool!
Boogity! Boogity! Boogity!!

** Jerry Garcia statement from an interview with Mary Eisenhart 11/12/87:

Mary:How do you deal with the Jerry-Is-God people?

( ** Clance’s see’s this rewrite of the question for Tony:
How do you deal with the Tony is God or the Tony is the Devil people?
Suddenly! I see the mystical answer in Garcia’s 1987 response… wise words for Tony)

Jerry: I ignore ’em. I know better, you know? (laughs)
I mean, no matter who you are, you know yourself for the asshole that you are, you know yourself for the person who makes mistakes, and that’s capable of being really stupid. And doing stupid things, you know what I mean?
On this earth, nobody is perfect, as far as I know. And—I’m right there with everybody else, you know what I mean? (laughs)
I mean, you’d have to—I don’t know who you’d have to be to believe that kind of stuff about yourself, to believe that you were somehow special. But it wouldn’t work in my house, that’s all I can say. My kids would never let me get away with it. So far it hasn’t been a problem.
If I start believing that kind of stuff, everybody’s going to just turn around and walk away from me. (laughs)—Come on, Garcia—you know. And my friends—nobody would let me get away with it, not for a minute.

Amazing that he still commucates to us, isn’t it? **writes in green for Bill’s good luck this weekend.

Bab’s once asked me in a comment, Are you just trying to be funny or are you this weird in real life?

Well, I guess it depends on what day it is. **writes in red for my ancestors.



  1. No, the Waste Managment car is white and green. Kenseth drove it last year in the Busch series. That is why I wrote it in green!

  2. Oh ya, Elliott is so stinkin cute as you put it!!! LOL Or just plain hot!

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