NASCAR Moods in Atlanta

It was a history making day in Atlanta today, and also a very sad day. Bobby Hamilton announced that he had been diagnosed with neck cancer prior to Daytona and was going to begin treatment this coming week. Tonight was going to be his last truck race until after treatment. He hopes to be back for the Homestead race. His thoughts were with the safety of the other driver’s, as his reactions may be slowed from his treatment. His life story is one of courage, dedication and triumph over true adversity. Raised by an alcoholic grandfather, he has been on his own since he was 13. He is the same age as I am. I cannot imagine having to have raised myself at that age, let alone became the successful and truly good person that he has become. His courage and determination to win the biggest race of his life is inspiring. Let us all remember Bobby, his family and medical team in our prayers.
Bill Lester made history as the first black driver to qualify for a Cup race in 20 years. Congratulations to him. He too, is a truly inspiring and truly good man with a beautiful story to tell. His story is one of dedication, love, support and the courage to chase a dream. Now he has cemented a place in history. His place.

Tony continues to have an issue or two. Robbie Gordon will race Sunday. Dale Jarrett was bouncing all over like Tony was. I was thrilled to see Bobby Labonte have a good run.

I am always soooooo sad when Kenny Wallace doesn’t qualify. Like I have said before, if I had an unlimited amount of money to play with, I would hire Kenny, pay him whatever he wanted, and let him do whatever he wanted to build his team. I wouldn’t care if he never won a race. He could have a lifetime unlimited contract to do as he pleased. Just cuz he’s Kenny.

The last lap battle in the truck race between Mark Martin and Todd Bodine was awesome. Brendan Gaughan’s little St. Paddy’s day jig after his little last lap twirl into the grass was too funny. Guess his Irish luck wasn’t exactly with him tonight, like it has been for his owner and dad, Las Vegas hotel and casino magnate Michael Gaughan and Grandfather, gaming pioneer Jackie Gaughan. Oh, well. What’s money anyway? I wish they would just give me the money to sponsor Kenny on my trip to Vegas next year.

So I am off to do scopes. Sunday is another day.



  1. I’m here and there, mostly at work these days…I think Tony needs to get a chainsaw from Home Depot and take care of his “Shrub” problem!!!! If I was Tony, I would just wait til next week and take care of my problems…good ole short track racing!!!!

  2. I loved Brendan Gaughan’s little dance!! He’s so funny!
    Prayers to Bobby Hamilton.
    And I agree about Kenny, just because he’s Kenny!!!

    Did you see Tony during qualifying when they asked about him and Shrub’s conversation? That grin said a thousand words…. muwhahahahaha

  3. RYC Bab’s…There is a special feature today about just that!!

  4. I so totally agree with you about Kenny Wallace. He is such a nice guy and deserves so much better than the hand he gets dealt him. You’d think his brother would help (Rusty.)

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