NASCAR – Atlanta Rain Delay!!

I am feelin’ some bad awwwfull HAPPY right now. Singin’ Zippa-Delli-Doodah (**click on the link for the entire lyrics so you can sing along with me**) all the way .
The race being postponed means I have to do Scope’s again…but that is OK by me!.
Tomorrow is an entire new cycle Astrologically speaking. Spring Equinox. The First Day of Spring…AND
Tony’s chart is completely different.

Bruno’s thoughts for today in my weekly one minute email:

The way we think = the way we are
We live in an anxious and often dangerous world. Our daily lives are colored by the (mostly) bad news we read in our newspapers and see on CNN or other television broadcasts. Not surprisingly, many of us begin to develop a permanent frown, spending most of our energy just trying to get through a supposedly dark and unforgiving existence. By doing so, we don’t see all the beautiful things around us and miss the most important part of our life: “positivity” and optimism.

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.− Peace Pilgrim
Whenever a negative thought concerning your personal power comes to mind,deliberately voice a positive one to cancel it out.− Norman Vincent Peale

We don’t have control over our destiny but we do have control over the here and now. It is never too late to start enjoying the positive things in life. If you are part of a happy family, and have at least some good friends and a satisfying job, then you are among very few people on this planet. You’ve got reason enough to be thankful and enjoy life, even if some dark clouds are hanging over you. Remember, the way you think eventually translates into the way you are.
What about right now? Counter that negative thought with a positive one!

OK! I will!!
Zippa-Delly-Doo-Dah- Zippidell-eeeeeeeeeee-AAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

I knew that email was a sign… still a-singin’…my NASCAR Song of the South:

If you chance to meet a frown

Do not let it stay

Quickly turn it upside down

And smile that frown away!

No one likes a frowning face

Change it for a smile

Make the world a better place

By smiling all the while!!!!

“en wid dat **she** skip out des ez lively as a cricket” ~Uncle Remus

** Ah changed dose words agin…”
~ Clance’ McClannahan


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