Tony Stewart trivia …

I have no time to write anything intelligent today. I will therefore post The Church of the Great Oval Gospel question of the day.
How well you are living The Gospel according to Clance’s Book of Tony?

What is Tony’s “taco bell” puppy’s name?

(**she’s actually a full grown fat little dog now…)

Tina Reneemight know… Ahlekay and Mojo know.

I do know of 1 site that has the Little Senorita’s name.

I know comment’s are sometimes an issue right now, here on Blogger, because of all the work they are doing to the Site. If you cannot leave me a comment, click on the email envelope and I will still automatically get your answer. Winner recieves a Church of the Great Oval Official Kudo’s and Praise Certificate for being dedicated and loyal Missionary and Follower of the Gospel of NASCAR Men of Daring.

Good #20 Luck!!



  1. Kayle, is it not?

  2. Ya, Kaylee

  3. Of course! He named his baby after my daughter, except he spelled it differently. LOL – Mine is Kayleigh, his is Kayle.

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