The Planet of Unreality

Regarding your comments to my previous post:
Of course, I took pictures. The one thing about having an obsession with cloud formations is I miss something cool when I don’t have my camera. Therefore I have my camera with me at all times. It is like my wallet.

Of course I had a little chat with the Manager and then I called the OWNER. I called the owner not only in regard to the disaster I walked into, but also had a little chat regarding the attitude of of his young manager. I will be meeting with the owner tomorrow. He can negotiate something with me here, as long as it is on my terms. If not, we are going to court.
Here is a pretty good George Dumr-n-ya article.
I love Eugene Robinson…

The Planet of Unreality



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  1. Well, guess you covered all your bases….now hold their feet to the fire!!!! I was upset for ya because you never mentioned this stuff…they owe you and when you pay this much for a storage place it is their duty to maintain their facility…my prob is people can shit all over me but when it comes to others being shit on (even if I got hold of the wrong end of the stick!) I can get really upset, esp. anything to do with my family here…*rolls up sleeve and makes a fist*,hehehehe

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