NASCAR commentary on Bristol

Intersteller space communication picked up by race fan scanner during Kurt Busch’s supposed “radio malfunction ” at Bristol on Sunday:

WOWOWOW skjloi slkgg $%@#$ *& *%$%#*%^$# ghhhons.,er…PEEP…er…Take over Jeff Gordon’s body! fjkpib wjl’fg l/kj w/lkn grlkn QUICK!!fkjhruihvn lkng duhduhshrub lkngirgjpog wlkng fan with Jarrett sheet metal wlknw really one g wlpygn of us/a er…when? djkhgrhb ikr KENSETH?? kfjjhrtiuhg 3 rk’ljgoeSnow? dkj;h b ;lnb Stewart not letting me in dlkbguhg lets me by you #$&#$ kjnb ;iohwmg #$&$#$% Kenseth slkg anagoops…kjbbdkj dlknebuhbye now! kl;jhfirh lonv

;lhdjrbg /lkg Harvick’s being mean to me ali lk rigns pissed? slkfuh.lue f’lknws lnl’kg thinks he’s funny krkrn lklkng e’;l[u29unfold..arms] fk;johndl one giant jumping jack on the ground kljvf g;lkjoioy r4oij5it9uk;mkrlkmngnt Gordon hit Kenseth slkijr’ipn that will cost some money /lkn’ignobody noticed ;hngbAllien sl;khgo ship.lskjvOne lknvb giant sldk victory s;lkjg;o for the lkjg Aliens Brothers.

To be continued…



  1. For some crazy reason I could read that whole post. Scary.

  2. Damn, I understood it too…

    Yes, only his last name is in the title… I could be talking about either Gordon… Except Robby is more likely to take his helmet off and throw it at your car. : )

  3. Babs slipped with the name and you slipped with forgetting Keeblers little alien snow angel dance.

  4. HA!!! The Alien have tiredawgs brain too, I didn’t slip. It’s in there….

  5. I hope the Alien enjoys my last brain cell. Little does he know I am blonde and blind. Now where did I put that little feller…..?

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