NASCAR in Martinsville

Tiredawg has a written a really good post on Martinsville history. There are also some new facts(?) about the Jeff Gordon controversy. I don’t know how he stays on top of all this, but he sure does. He must be a huge Jeff Gordon fan.
The great Diecast Dude has an interesting post, Kurt Busch: All American Boy! over at his abode.
Take a look at these while you wait for the next saga in NASCAR: Men of Daring vs The Aliens.
Coming to your area sooooooon.



  1. HEY NOW WATCH IT LADY! Talk bad about my MOM, my kids, my Camaro, even my dogs, but don’t say I am a Jeffy fan. I fight without a helmet on! LOL LoL LOL

  2. I knew Dawg would have something to say about that!!!

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