NASCAR Astro Predictions

While you are waiting for the Driver’s scopes at Martinsville, check these out:
News fer you wraslin fans…
Better pay yer directv, cable or Dishnet bill so you can watch this on Spike TV.
Some of the biggest drivers in NASCAR past, present and future will attend a pro wrestling show on April 1 – and many will be part of the wild, out-of-control mat mayhem.
Hermie Sadler is leading the NASCAR brigade to a TNA Wrestling show at The Old Lowes Building in Martinsville (Va.), just south of the Speedway where those same racing heroes will be April 2 for the DirectTV 500, the nationally-televised NASCAR Nextel Cup Series race.
Mark Martin and Michael Waltrip have confirmed their appearance at the TNA Wrestling show, as well as Scott Riggs, Sterling Marlin, Kyle Petty, Elliott Sadler and announcers Darrell Waltrip and Jeff Hammond, among others.
“I’m a lifelong wrestling fan and honestly believe in what they are doing at TNA, with both the product and the direction (of the company),” Hermie Sadler said. “A lot of the NASCAR drivers are TNA Wrestling fans. They watch it on TV, just like I do.”
And for one night, the NASCAR drivers will be a part of the mat action. In an 8-man Lumberjack Match, NASCAR ON FOX’s Jeff Hammond will team with Hermie Sadler and Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) against Jeff Jarrett, “Showtime” Eric Young and America’s Most Wanted (Wildcat Chris Harris and Cowboy James Storm).
Three-time NASCAR champion Darrell Waltrip will serve as honorary ring announcer for the Lumberjack match, while NASCAR drivers Elliott Sadler, Kyle Petty and Michael Waltrip will be “Lumberjacks,” meaning, they will surround the ring to throw the combatants back into the ring if they get thrown out.
The stars of TNA Wrestling who appear every week on Spike TV (Saturdays, 11 p.m. ET) will be present in Martinsville, including Monty Brown, Abyss, Rhino, Jeff Hardy and Ron “The Truth” Killings, among others. TNA Wrestling moves to Thursday evenings, starting April 13, when Spike TV launches “Full Contact Thursdays,” culminating with iMPACT! (11 p.m. ET).
“I don’t think wrestlers or NASCAR drivers get enough credit for how difficult it is to do their sport at the top level,” Hermie Sadler said. “Drivers have to be totally focused, sometimes for over four hours while inside a car that’s over 120 degrees. Wrestling is a very, very difficult job, too. I was involved in a match a couple of years ago and, to do what they do, to take the beatings that they take, it takes a very talented athlete.”
TNA Wrestling and Aaron’s Sales and Lease Ownership have joined forces with MBA Motorsports and Hermie Sadler to promote Autism Awareness Month by sponsoring Sadler’s entry in the Virginia 500 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series race.
For more information on TNA Wrestling, call TNA Wrestling Publicist Ross Forman at (847) 542-9350, or go to TNA’s website:
To order tickets to the matches, go to:

For those of you who lean to a little more political bend
( Thanks to NASCAR’s Pit Road) :

Family Policy Network President Joe Glover filed an official complaint with the Federal Communications Commission [that] evening, charging that “NASCAR and FoxSports have a responsibility to keep profanity off of broadcast television, especially during daytime hours on Sunday afternoon when so many families are watching.”
He also said “The FCC will only sanction local FOX television stations for this infraction, and only if a complaint has been made by a citizen. Therefore, it is important that as many citizens as possible file a complaint with the FCC. If you or someone you know watched the March 26 broadcast of the “Food City 500″ NASCAR race on the FOX network, please be sure a complaint similar to the one FPN filed Sunday is made to the FCC about the FOX station in your area. Then encourage your friends in other local television markets to do the same.
At some point, you have to wonder if NASCAR is really serious about establishing a family-friendly environment for their radio and television audiences. After all, $10,000 is hardly a stiff fine for a race car superstar that makes millions of dollars from prizes and endorsements each year. The championship points taken from drivers made little or no difference in the final standings.
It appears NASCAR is doing little more to clean up its bad-boy image than to slap a few drivers on the wrist. If it really wanted to clean up its image, NASCAR would establish tougher penalties for bad behavior, and require all broadcasters covering their sport to establish a ten-second broadcast delay like they did for the National Football League at the Super Bowl. “
There is a link for you to join the “ban the evil bad word campaign” on the page from the above link.
I say use the link to voice your opinion **(comment are closed, you will have to email, I guess they don’t want to hear from anyone but their own)** about how ridiculous their whole fuss is. Encourage them to use their time, energy and money to feed the poor,buy prescriptions for the elderly, and help the Hurricane Katrina victims to get back on their feet because the govenment sure isn’t helping with any of these things. I believe that would be much more “Jesus-like” myself.
They could even spend time with their own kids and take ’em to the ‘wraslin match…or at least watch it on Spike TV. They won’t hear any bad words there. **lol**



  1. as a rasslin fan i’m always interested in the finer things in life. i do think tna is signing the wrong names, sting and steiner lack charisma. tna should sign the honky tonk man. that weasel jarrett stole his gimmick of whacking people over the head with a guitar.

    maybe harvick can whack gordon over the head with a guitar.

  2. I left them a comment to leave NASCAR alone and get over it. I’m sure they will listen to me. : )

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