Tony Stewart wins IROC in Texas

So? IROC at Eldora?
Tony said he’s still working on International Race of Champions officials in hopes of getting an IROC race run at Eldora Speedway. If he wins the IROC title this year, Tony Stewart told IROC’s first family, Jay and Barb Signore, that he would give them the $1 million champion’s prize for a race at his half mile dirt oval track, Eldora Speedway, near Rossburg, Ohio. And they said yes.

The many faces of Tony Stewart.
Rumor has it, he has been climbing fences again.

Oh…wait. That isn’t a rumor. It’s the truth!



  1. Awesome job Stewieeeeeee. I just hope as well as JGR, he doesn’t fall and bust his arse.

  2. IROC at Eldora wouldn’t that be cool…I just love watching Tony climb fences!!!!

  3. Yep, I heard it too, live on SPEED. Now all Tony has to do is when the IROC series. He’s got a great chance!

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