The Dorothy Parker Society

Here are some audio clips of Dorothy Parker reading her own works at age 71. Her personal and public life was one of high society, controversy, addiction, joy, pain and tragedy.
Dorothy Parker Society
I wonder if she ever knew how great she was, or how many people adored her during her life. I know she knows now…so many people still adore her. She has inspired me onward during many a tough time in my life.
One of my other favorite quotes of Dottie’s is:
I should never have put all of my eggs into one bastard.



  1. Clance, just wanted you to realise when I talk about illegal immigrants I in no way, shape or form mean Dale’s mother. She’s my mothers age and she was told it was OK. That was ages ago, and the poor thing shouldn’t have to be worrying about such. Is there anything you can do to stop her worring about it? She immigrated so long ago and things were different them. Poor baby. I hope you can reassure her that none of this applies to her…hugz, Linda

  2. Oh Linda, I know that. This issue is such a delicate one for many. Myself I am torn. I live in anarea with a larhgr Hispanic community. There are so many wonderful good peoplee, but yet there is also so much gang wars and crimes that are commited by the illegal one. I have developed a predjudice in my self that I don’t like at all. but it makes me so mad. It is the criminals that are causing issues. My other complaint is as long as illegals will take jobs at lower wages, minimum wage will never raise. The whole thing is a mess. I just ptay it will not turn into a sort of civil. It is getting so ugly.

  3. i love dorothy parker..i have been reading about her since i was a little girl and always wanted to meet her..always regret not writing her and telling her how much i admired her and how many women she inspired to be more than arm candy…
    i want to take that new york tour sooo bad..

  4. I have a little book with sayings from bad girls is how the title reads but it has quotes from Dorthy and Mae West and others. The picture of her is beautiful.

  5. i’ve read and loved some of her quotations. here’s one:
    Razors pain you; rivers are damp; acids stain you; and drugs cause cramp. Guns aren’t lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful; you might as well live.
    Happy easter weekend.

  6. The picture of Dottie is her wax scupture at “that” wax museum in NY. The entire thing shows hes sitting on a chaise crying over “the man” with a drink in her hand. He is standing at the end of the chaise. He treated her so badly I won’t speak his name.

  7. heard of her…now will have to google her if only to find out the blokes name.

  8. The name rings a bell, but i have never known what she has done, i think the quote is brilliant!

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