Who’s cheating in NASCAR this week?

I don’t want to hear another word about Chad Knauss “cheating”. Like I said before, they all push the limit and do some creative engineering. It is a matter of who gets caught pushing that creative boundary.
NASCAR.COMKenseth’s Busch crew chief suspended – Apr 11, 2006

Heck , need a caution? Just throw out a glove or a piece of the roll bar covering. Cheating? Huh? Who? Me?

What’s next?
Jamie McMurray’s boxers? Oh no, he said he is naked under his suit while he pees in the seat.
Could that create a caution if it leaks onto the track?



  1. I can’t believe Jamie confessed to that. I wonder how many drivers do that?

  2. Only if you slip in it. I would hate to be the poor bastard that cleans the inside of the cars and the one who does the laundry. Remember when Smoke had his “incident”? I wonder who cleaned his suit? LOL

  3. Need a caution…throw something on the track…sounds like something I would do if I had to…Reed’s gotta watch for cameras!!!!

  4. Reed must THINK before his makes his choices. And yes.. I do remember Tony’s incident. I decided he was the most dertermined man on the face of the earth that day. Can you imagine? Even to just stay out of bed feeling like he did was a huge accomplishment. What a mess that had to have been.

  5. maybe they should wear still suits like the freemen wear on dune. a fully operational still suit can keep a man alive for weeks in the deep desert.

  6. Confessed to what? My I ask?

  7. check this out
    You might like to go if ya’ll are going to the race in Arizona.

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