NASCAR~ Kyle Busch and the Day after Easter Sermon

** The Church of The Great Oval’s Day after Easter Sermon to The Most Honored Members and LugNutz:

Don’t form your opinion from the headlines. Take the time to read the whole article. The trick is to be vigilant but not skeptical. **

Last Tuesday, 20-year-old NASCAR Nextel Cup driver Kyle Busch appeared at the Richmond raceway for the Virginia kickoff of “Focus on Driving,” Sprint Nextel’s attentive driving education program. He is an “Official” Role Model now. Maybe that was just practice because
about 10 p.m. Wednesday, Kyle was in the parking lot of the KFC restaurant on Williamsburg Road near Richmond International Airport, where he was issued a summons for reckless driving.
Busch met with the media April 14th, after practice for the Pepsi 300 at Nashville Superspeedway, and he said the ticket has been blown out of proportion.

Kyle (a.k.a. Big Baby Busch) and always the accountable one that he is, was on his way back to the airport after spending two days in town for testing at Richmond International Raceway.

Busch said he was leaving a gas station next to the restaurant in a Buick Rendezvous and saw traffic starting to advance. “So I pulled out of the gas station, I chirped my tires, went about 20 feet at less than 10 mph and turned into the KFC, which was right next door.” He said he stepped on the gas while turning right, admitting “it might have been too hard”,
** Clance’s note:
Now… don’t you have to put your foot on the brake and the gas at the same time while going less than 10 miles and hour to make a car tire chirp?
There, he says, he paused to let pedestrians cross the parking lot before entering the drive-through lane. After ordering his food, he noticed the police lights.
It was then he said he found out he was being ticketed for reckless driving.
“There was no smoke,” Busch said. (**of course there wasn’t, Tony Stewart was not there”) “Nothing. I pulled off the curb, and as you pull off the curb there’s a little dip. I planted my foot into the throttle, maybe a little too heavy, in order to beat traffic so I could pull into the KFC before anyone would have a chance to rear-end me.”
(**Clance’s note: Was there someone following him too close at the gas station? I am confused. I feel like I am talking to my daughter’s when they were teenager’s and in BIG trouble”)

Busch said the officer told him to finish paying for his order, and they would issue the ticket out of the way so as not to hold up business.
(**Clance’s visualization of the incident: I see the cop walking up and squeezing between the shove it out the window ledge and Baby Busch’s SUV. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t leave much room to walk in those drive thru’s. I need to be able to reach my food with out climbing out of my car. I thought that was the point of them.**)

Sgt. Don Lambert of the Henrico police department said yesterday squealing tires would meet the definition of reckless driving.
Busch, who is due in court May 23, said he hasn’t spoken with any attorneys yet. He said he harbors no ill will toward the officer.
(**Clance’s thought: Why should you? I am confused about that statement too. Does that mean no ill will like you held no ill will against Tony Stewart or a few other driver’s? Hmmm. I am just not sure how to read that, except I think it was a media statement for all those kids your expected to be a role model to.**)

“I’ve got the utmost respect for law enforcement in general because they’ve got a tough job. They never know who they’re coming up to at a person’s window.
(**Clance’s thought: That is right…this time is was you. It could have been a scarier moment than the police officer realized. Someone could have had a gun. You just have a mouth and an attitude. You wasted his time on a stupid choice that you made to show off… What if there were an accident that needed him and you were taking up his time at the drive-thru?)

“That’s just how I try to react. Any time you’re in any situation with law enforcement, there’s no reason to get all iffy and difficult about it.”
(** Clance’s hmmm? moment…Ok.. another wise deduction. You may be a little smarter than your brother. I know your Mom has got to be embarrassed. I am sure she raised you two smarter than that.**

For his part, Busch said it was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
(**Imagine Clance’s “Mom” look here. The one where one of my eyebrows is arched and my lips mold into a tight line: Wrong answer.**)

“It can happen to anybody,” he said. “It could happen to any civilian who is getting out of that gas station and going to grab a bite to eat at that KFC. It’s just a particular corner, a particular spot.”
(** The Mom/Fan goes nuts… Civilian?? Are you in the Military or hold a Govt. position now? Were you raised Army brat so you just automatically say something like that? OR are you just referring to “us ol’regular human beings” that aren’t rich and famous NASCAR driver’s? The “civilians” FANS who really pay your wages, because without us…there would be no you, Mr.Big Famous NASCAR Driver.
And no…the average “civilian” does not drive like that so it couldn’t happen to the “average civilian”. Grow up will ya?**)
(Clance’s transcends out of Lecture Mode and into Wise Wo-Man Rev’Run mode.)

” I really didn’t understand what the situation was and what exactly I had done wrong,” he said.
‘Holy cow, where did they come from? What did I do?’
(**If you don’t know, ask. You will be a fool for the moment, but a wise man for the rest of your life.
–Seneca **)

The Church of The Great Oval’s (rest) of the Sermon to Kyle…

Hold steady say ‘s the Buddist Master
“We don’t need to overcomplicate things with all sorts of wandering discursive thoughts, superstitions, doubts, and over-thinking everything. Be strong and straightforward within, have strong intention, and develop firm faith, devotion and inner conviction. What you decide to do, you can do; just keep practicing and learning.”
~ His Holiness the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa, head of the Drukpa School of Tibetan Buddhism in an interview with Lama Surya Das.

Now, in closing, let us sing the Great Hymn to the Big Baby Busch:
And this little driver went PEEP, PEEP, PEEP! All the way home!! …

. That boy needs to come forward and dedicate his life to The Church while he’s in Phoenix.
..**tongue clucking call to him:

Here chicky, chick, chick… ( I think I heard that once on a driver’s radio transmission…Wasn’t it Matt Kenseth? Matt, who was once upon a time called Matt the Brat, by his own admission Sunday on Wind Tunnel is all grown up now. Didn’t even try to fight back with Jeff Gordon… who showed us he really does have some kaho&%*#’s)

Refer-ances and links used for this post, and quotes.

P.S. I will be voice blogging a little throughout the next week as we travel the wild, wondrous Southwest…onward to NASCAR Territory this weekend. Onward!! Tally Ho!!



  1. I just loved this post. Excellent!
    We watched “Herbie Fully Loaded” and Matt Dillon plays “Trip Murphy” who is not too far from either of the Busch boys and their ‘tudes.

  2. Loving this post!!! You crack me up!!!
    Matt told him he didn’t want to hear a “peep” outta him, so I guess we got a “chirp” instead.
    Have a fab time in Arizona. Beware of aliens.

  3. Chirped his tires, LOL. I could see him doing that by accident, honsetly. If he were a civilian that is. Good post, have fun be safe and send pictures. Oh yeah me and BABS want a t-shirt!

  4. LOL!!! Have a safe trip!!!!

  5. A picture of me on a T-shirt in Phoenix watching Tony win the race? OK!!
    OMG…my word verification is INePt. ROFLAO.

  6. Now that Shrub’s attitude has fully come to light, I don’t think anything he says or does will surprise me any more.Have fun at Phoenix. I am predicting a win for Smoke. That will be another great experience for you to remember.

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