Good news for Tony Stewart’s Greatest British fan!

This is great news! Now, maybe Wendy will be able to watch a bit of Tony here and there. Start calling and writing letters Wendy! Encourage all your buddies over there to write too, even if they don’t know what NASCAR is. If they know they have an audience it will be easier to find broadcast partners. It can be your Official Mission in the Church. You could contact and be your “local” “official” NASCAR Fan Club President. Your Missionary possibilties are endless…

SCENE Daily: NASCAR, ESPN International announce venture

I got a note from Antonette last night. She is pretty sick and may end up in the hospital. She also recently suffered the loss of her beloved Rottweiler, Ginger. It has been a not so good past month for her. Run over to her blog and give her a big get well hug and a prayer. If you have never seen Antonette’s NASCAR blog or her Website Tribute and Memorial to Dale Earnhardt , you’re in for a treat. Get Well, Antonette! Let’s swarm her with CoTGO luvin…

Still trying to get the voice blog to work for me…I wrote a lovely Church of The Great Oval Hymn and I want to sing it to you. I have been singing to Dale as we drive. I don’t know why he keeps mumbling something about eating socks. He must be hungry.



  1. I noted the ESPN announcement with some trepidation.

    Here in the Philippines the NASCAR events are shown via a local sports station via syndication, I currently have no access to ESPN International.

    No great loss til now, it’s mostly soccer, errr, “football” (that thing Wendy knows about) and months old events. With luck the local station will pick it up.

    BTW I posted some good “Smoke news” for both you and Wendy. He took one win and a third place over the Easter weekend. And can you believe Mark Martin will be running a dirt track race?

  2. Love ya gf! Thanks so much for caring. Cheyenne, Dawg, Rev. Jim and John Newsome all stopped by to wish me well. I’m sure there are others that wished I dropped dead. However, I am alive and well FINALLY. I do not wish what I had on my worst enemy.

  3. A singing Clance’!! I was a little late on the get well, so it was more a glad you are feeling better!
    Hope you are having a good time out in Phoenix.

    We think that there is possibly an alien message in the latest article about the shrub getting the pole. Big Baby Bush said “It seems the young Jedi has done well”. I thought if anyone could de-code this message, it would be you…

  4. Oh!! My goodness!! I better get working on it…he continues to fall into my traps…

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