Dumber than a rock?

I am back finally! I felt like I was gone forever! Jeesh…I missed my blogs.
I have a new “Clance can be dumber than a rock” story. (*keep in mind I talk to rocks. I don’t think they are dumb at all. They make me money. I am going to be nice to them forever. I think I need to be dumber than something else. A post. Yeah… now what kind of a post?) Oh wait…can’t be a post either, because then posting to a blog would be dumb. Ok, well sometimes maybe…
Dumber than a ?? Help me come up with the perfect word.
Dumb, does not mean I am dumb. I am not. I have a very high IQ. I am also very Aquarian. The astrological flower of Aquarius is the daffodil, which is also where the word “daffy” comes from. The definition of daffy is silly in an amusing or harmless way. Sometimes annoying to people to tend to be a bit anal. *giggle*
My daughter Alaina is a hairdresser. A very anal hairdresser too. That makes for perfect cuts.

She has been wanting to cut my hair for a while. It was getting really long and I couldn’t do much with it because it is fine and I am pretty low maintenance. The last year, my hair has been even more of an issue. I would fix it, hot flash and then have to fix it again, along with my makeup. I would hot flash, sweat and it would all be gone.
I let her cut it. It’s a great cut for me, kind of funky and I can do several things with it and still pull it up when I am 300 degrees inside of myself and rising…we also have jet ski’s and I need to be able to pull it up then. I bought on of the flat irons to do it with. She assured me it was easy and I would like it. I tried and tried to get my hair to do the little splayed out thing. Tried and tried and tried. I got frustrated because it wasn’t doin anything like it should have. I call Alaina and told her she was going to have to show me how. She came over today to show me. She said show me what you are doing. I showed her how I was using it. She said “Well, your doing it right Mom, perfect in fact.”
“You just have to turn it on first.”

That did help, by the way.



  1. Hi Clance, are you gonna post a picture so we can see your new look? I had my hair cut short last year and I couldn’t to a thing with it. I had to wear headbands and pins and clips just to put it in a little pigtail. The hot flash thing is just awful and another thing is I always feel much warmer than everyone else even without the hotflashesie I am confortable when other people want the heat on. I wish you lots of luck with your new hsirstyle, nice having a hairdresser in the family!

  2. LOL, sounds like somehting I would do hehehehehehehe. I had problems with my printer at work, turns out I’d forgotten to plug it in. Silly machine I’d gotten everything else se up it SHOULD have work regardless hehehehehe.

    I’ve got to see about getting my hair cut again soon, it’s getting too long. I’m thinking of going really short, but haven’t figured out how short I want. I’ve seriously considered a supershort dyky look, but not sure I can carry it off. I found a great hairdresser, so I will ask her opinion when I finally go in.

  3. It’s what it took me forever to learn about women, you have to turn them on to get them to work. Sorry.
    My favorite dumb saying is, dumber than a football.
    My other one I use about my own screw-up is… Hire the handicapped their fun to watch.
    But only talking about myself.

  4. Welcome back Clance. Hope you are very relaxed and ready for us to attack.

    You have been tagged.

    See my blog for info.

  5. Welcome back!!! Glad you had a good trip.

    One of my friends has always used the phrase: “Dumb as a box of hair.” Funny how that ties in to the rest of the post. . . Or not. . .

    RYC: No problem keeping the sight going. In fact, I need to drop in a new note before the cut-off time for the race.

    WOW!!! Tony went for a heck of a ride yesterday. . . At least he admitted he was at fault and was able to laugh about it later. I really felt bad for Danny O’Quinn. He was having a pretty good day until Tony collected him. That’s racin’!!

    HUGGSS!! back at ya!

  6. I’ve heard the phrase “dumber than dirt”.hehehe So my lyric box gave you the heebie-jeebies when you paid me a visit???? I had Denise put that in for me. I remember that when it first came out and one day I went looking for “Prelude” and found it…

  7. hooboy..that’s funny..sounds like something i would do….welcome back…

  8. uhm dumber than a wet sock.

  9. Wet socks and box of hair…I love it!

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