Time Magazine – top 100 includes NASCAR’s – Bill France

The #1 #88 Fan Dale has requested Al take over Clance’s mind this morning. Begged, actually.

“Good Morning Fellow Lug Nutz.
( *in a rather snooty tone)
May 1st, 2006 will be remembered forever in the History Library of the Universe as a Day of Great Importance. I am personally in charge of deciding what events to put in there and what events to leave out.

The events I have chosen to leave standing as memorable are:

1. **1,320,000 people took part in rallies marking Spring and Labor Day in Russia on May 1
2. **Members Of New Black Panther Group March Near Duke U in response to recent rape allegations.
3. **Jimmy Johnson out ran everyone at Talladega

4. ** There was a protest or two in the US yesterday. Something about immigration. I refuse to give it anymore attention. I am tired of hearing about it.
5. **A lot of other very important things that affected the lives of many human beings.
6. **Time Magazine named it’s “Top 100 People Who influence our World”.

What I refuse to enter as memorable events:

1.George dumer-n-IQ of 6o gave another speech about how dumb he thinks the American people are.
2. Anna Nicole anything (She had to have had a lot of surgery after that “diet”. Her skin is fitting her body. That’s impossible, even with a good diet and exercise. Even if she did eat a lot of “shells” to keep her full.)
3. Brain (oops, I meant Brian.) France, **GET BACK CLANCE’!! – DOWN I SAY!!** Howard Stern, and Elie Wiesel were even mentioned on the same page with the words ” Top 100″ or “World Shaper’s”.

I had to take Clance’ over this morning…she went out of control yesterday. Rant, rant…rave, rave. Her #1 #88 fan begged me to take her over yesterday, so that she might be fit to speak to other live human beings. However, I decided to make him wait. Just because I can…I believe she is composing a post for her other blog On a Quest regarding Elie Wiesel, Immigration and “World Influencers” at this given moment, to be posted a bit later today. I have instructed her to calm down prior to publishing any of her rantings.

She does acknowlege Brian France and the positive changes he has brought to her beloved sport of NASCAR. I think she even liked the article that Darrell Waltrip wrote for the Time piece. She just has a bit of an issue with a few of the names that have been associated with the term “Top 100 People Who Shape of our World”.

Not a lot of names, just a few.

She can be a handful at times.”

Until next time,




  1. Mornin Al, tell Clance hello form the pits.

  2. Sorry Al, I must read the other blog to see Clance’ speak!!

  3. It’s always a good idea not to post angry on your blog.

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