The Earth Shudder’s in Idaho!!

Something very scary happened in Idaho tonight.
It happened during the last 10 laps of the Crown Royal 400.
I heard this sound…loud.. rumbling… that was unearthly.
I looked outside…
All of a sudden… just as Dale Earnhardt Jr. crossed the finish line…

Steam began to rise from the Earth.

The ground began shaking… cracking…

We were very afraid!

But then,
like a bolt of lightening
my brain.
I figured it out.

It was Antonette in New Jersey and Tiredawg in Florida and every other Dale JR. fan across the U.S. and Canada…
cheering for the Junebug!

Congrat’s to Jr. It’s about time for you. Way to go!!



  1. when i was a kid i remember keeping my marbles in a crown royal bag.

    it was nice to see junior win all the marbles last night.

  2. Yep it was me alright! Whoohooo!

  3. LOL!!

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