NASCAR ~ Ryan Newman~Tony Stewart ~ Astro Predictions for Darlington ~

Hey Ryan! Thanks for the shout out!! Just because you did that, I am rushing to get your ‘scope done before the race starts…I knew you were reading it by the way…I also know of a couple of other’s that are…I guess it’s o.k. for me to name you since you said it on National TV today…
I am not leaving Tony out tho…

Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977
( If I had your moment of birth…I can get very specific ~ e-mail me for the details of what I need….)

Today’s Theme: Stimulation (**Be careful today with your mind set…be aware and things will be fine.)
You may need to put the brakes on in your mind today, for you tend to think and speak hastily. Others may seem too slow for you today, and in your haste you may overlook something significant. At its worst this influence will make you feel scattered, undisciplined and nervous. But on the positive side, it acts like a stimulant upon the brain. You are interested in new kinds of experiences and very impatient with the usual routine. Do something different or meet new people who will challenge your thinking. Even your long-time associates can show you aspects of themselves that you never knew existed. In conversation with others, you are inclined to be blunt. Just be careful not to overdo it, and avoid saying things simply to shock people. Be prepared to back up your words later.


Theme: A perfect balance ~
The effects of this influence can vary considerably, but it is generally favorable for most kinds of activity. You are able to assert yourself today so as to get what you want without offending anybody. People will appreciate that you have been direct without being abrasive or pugnacious. You want everyone to have the same freedom you have to go after their own objectives, and you are willing to help them as long as they will return the favor. There is an almost perfect balance now between your need to be an individual with individual wants and desires and your need to relate to others. You can charm men or women by being genuinely friendly and agreeable, and you are concerned that your partner enjoy the relationship as much as you do.

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971

This weekend’s theme: A breath of fresh air
Valid during many months: Your life will now receive a breath of fresh air, probably because you find it easier to be true to yourself. Other people will be swept along by your vivacity if you don’t make the mistake of shutting them out of your present actions. True freedom and independence are not reflected by a stubborn attempt to go it alone, but rather by the joy of sharing personal experiences. A change of job might mean that you get to know fascinating people with unusual ideas or radically different ways of seeing things unlike anything you have ever come across. If you have someone special in your life, don’t make her feel left out. This unusually positive influence can also help you to breathe new life into any existing relationship – not so much by starting new activities, but by removing any long term tension within it.
Any new challenges at work could contain hidden opportunities. Don’t wait for someone to point these out, because this is unlikely to happen. Try instead to trust your intuition, and have the courage to take such fortunate opportunities by the horns. This will help you to grow more independent, which will enable you to make more of your own decisions at work. This is all the more likely if your work involves contributing something of significance to the wider society, or if it can help you to take you a step closer to your own ideals and vision…

I will be back in a bit with the rest of them….



  1. Inform me my Dear, they said what about who on national T.V. Do we have to call you Ms. Clance now?

  2. That’s MIZZZZ Reverand Diva Goddess of Stock car Astro Predicting and Alien Protectress of the Lug-Nutz to you Mister.

  3. Hey Clance – I definitely read your astro predictions!!! 🙂

    Thanks again for the comment on my post from early this morning!!!

    I’m gonna add ya to my list of sites, I hope ya don’t mind!!

  4. Imagine that! Mr. Engineer checks out his scopes… very cool. All the engineers in my family laugh at astrology. But Ryan loves dogs, so I think he’s got a good heart.

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