If you are reading this post at by some asshole named “Buick Riviera”,

you are reading material that was written by Clance’ McClannahan and stolen by a lazy MOTHER #$^&#$, lower than a SNAKE IN THE GRASS or this DEAD GOPHER that our cat killed. Beware or Mouser may be sic’d on you… (** I borrowed that term from the post that Marc at Full Throttle wrote, the last time this happened.) This MOTHER#&%*$^&*^ #OCKSUCKER “Buick Riviera” THIEF is even worse because there is no link and he even has the BALLS TO SAY THE ” by Mr. Buick Riviera”.
There is no link to my blog The Church of the Great Oval or mention of my name Clance’ McClannahan anywhere , obviously trying to talk to GOOGLE.

Well “Mr. Riviera” (…I am talking to GOOGLE ADSENSE FRAUD FOR YOU!!)
You are reading stolen material if your browser is at . Clance’ McClannahan is the actual writer of this and the article that is SCRAPED all over this “pretend” website frosted in Google ads. Yes…she is so sick of this SHIT she has even contacted CNN, MSNBC and many other news organizations.
Google Adsense FRAUD is a huge issue. Splogging is a huge issue.
So here we go again…AGGREGATE THIS ASSHOLE!!
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.



  1. Go get ’em Clance’!!

  2. Do you want me to send my uncle”Guido”?

  3. I am forming my own Splogger Mafia…I’ll be getting back to you…Seriously.

  4. i clicked on that buick site and it has disappeared. you seem to have show it where the theory of relativity shit in the bucket.

  5. Damn!!! he left in a hurry!!

  6. Get him gf! He ran away with his tail between his legs. Would you like to be my blog guard? LOL

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