Taylor Hicks WINS American Idol!!

And Simon didn’t want him to go through….JEESH!!
Right on! Congratulations to Taylor Hicks for winning American Idol.
In all American Idols history, (yes… My name is Clance’ and I am an American Idol addict.)
** I even managed to hook the #1 #88 fan on it. Or he was hooked on looking at the girls, anyway. Katherine and Kelly specifically. He was droolin’ all over tonite.

I have
watched every year. There has never been a more unique and talented contestant. The NEW Michael McDonald/Joe Cocker/Lou Rawls… etc…etc…all rolled up into one.
Taylor’s versions of “In the Ghetto” and “Do I make you sniff…snniiifff… Cry/Proud?” truly have made me cry each time I have heard him.I loved Taylor’s version of Levon as much as I loved Elton John’s. Maybe more. You can see it here.
He is far from the “top 40 everything sounds the same to me.” His unique style mixes a bit from the past, with his own Self. He resounds with a vibration that gives me goosebumps, chills and evoke my emotions in every range possible. Yes, I am a Soul Patrol Convert. I now bless him with the Title of The Official Church of the Great Oval “Singin’ Spaz”. He fits right in in my book. He is from Alabama even…I’ve no idea if he is a NASCAR fan or not. It doesn’t matter to me.
…I loved his voice and spazzy style from the first tryout he had. I will rush to buy his first CD the second it’s released. Yes…I would even be willing to pay a lot for a ticket to see him in concert. He is that good.
After looking at the horoscopes for both Taylor and Katherine…they are both destined for big things. Katherine has a different much higher spiritual call tho… I was actually a little stunned when I went into it. I will be going into it a lot deeper and posting it somewhere in the future…her aspects regarding her destiny are profound. Congrats to her to for getting so far. But that Kat is destined for a much higher call than American Idol. She handled herself with the grace and dignity of the beauty she is.
Now I have to admit that Ace wasn’t to hard on the eyes. The ears sometimes…but Oh! that I was young again…or Paula Abdul. I have often wondered if she kidnapped him after he was voted off, held him hostage…only agreeing to let him free if he agreed to be her pet for awhile. (yeah… yeah…shame on me.)

Clay Aikens new look blew me away. Very trendy…kinda retro British. Quite handsome I must say. It was a pretty cool surprise for his “clone” for him to show up. Wow. He’s a different guy from when we first saw him. Way to go Clay. Hold your head up. Your GREAT!

I will buy Elliot Yamin’s first cd too. What a guy. How far will he go? Pretty far I think. He’s a crooner.
This was the best season yet…now what will I do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights? Oh yeah…. NASCAR.
Fox should run American Idol during NASCAR down time.

Heard any other good rumors lately besides ummmm…never mind.
**and in answer to your question Miss Bab’s…no…not every race. Just every Championship.

In answer to the Conservative blog comment semi-spammer: I am pretty good at getting rid of pests…Thanks anyway. God bless your Soul.

Closing thought of the evening…

In the name of Tony Stewart…

Taylor Hicks…

and Jesus…




  1. Hey Lady, didn’t mini Clay shake like the drivers used to when they saw that blcack three( there it is again) behind them. I thought the kid was going to have a covulsional fit. I will say this much AMERICA IS WRONG! Chris should have won this year. I like Taylor but Chris had it DOWN! BTW weren’t we supposed to be talking about racin? LOL LOL DID ya see “Crazy Dave” bust his ass falling off the stage. FUNN-E

  2. Yes Chris should have been in the top two with Taylor I think…But Taylor still should have and would have won because he is well…not quite as cocky….and way more fun…Chris’s performance last night with whoever that band was…**lol ~ was fabulous.
    I think this year there was a gain in voters of my generation, and that is why the top 3 were who they were…
    The Wolfgang and Pickle thing was a kick too.
    Yes I saw. OW.
    Right up there with Sir Cherry’s fall…

  3. Idolater, I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: And for this cause God shall send you strong delusion, that you should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness; behold, I never knew you: I spew you out of my mouth.

    The wage of sin is death, the workman is worthy of his wages; repent before you cash in.

    In persona Christi,

    Rev. T. S. Painter (Rep)
    c/o 622 West Union Street
    Jacksonville, Florida 32202

    2006 Anno Domini

  4. Good Lord what a whack job the previous poster is. Its making its rounds to all the NASCAR blogs I see.

    Anyhow, I did not like Taylor for the longest time, but he grew on me. I am very happy he won.


  5. Jesus told me to write that post.
    SO I said OK but that whack job nut case that thinks he is your follower ain’t gonna like it. Jesus said That’s ok…if he focuses on My Strong one he won’t be peying on the weak that cannot handle it. Just don’t give him your address. Those are the kind that bomb building and women and Drs. my name too.
    Now go spread the Gospel of NASCAR…
    I said “Ok I will follow thee whereve thou shall lead me.”
    Jesus said “Oh! and don’t forget to let Al talk too.” “The nut job who is full of Hatred, not My love, who curses people in my name probably won’t like you channelling Eistein either.”
    “Remember what Elie told you.”I will be posting about Elie Weisel on the “other blog”

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