Nascar and Go…go…Gold Fever.

We got a little side-tracked on our little 3 day trip. We were headed home on June 3rd. I wanted to go up the Burnt River Canyon (one of the few places in Eastern Oregon I had never been) since we were within 10 miles of it. As we headed up the river, a plan began to form in my head… one more day wasn’t going to hurt anything.
My #1 #88 fan Dale (Mr. Always So Responsible) tiffed with me a little, and then gave in and said “O.K. but I don’t want to hear any arguments tomorrow. We are going home. Period.”

Mu -ah- haha…

The #1 #88 fan found a little gold up there…both in the ground, the river, his heart and his Soul. He finally brought me home last night. He turned around and went directly back to Burnt River Canyon…

My plan worked out just fine.

Miss those ‘Scopes?
I was like a drug addict going through withdrawal. No TV or Radio reception. No Nascar. Didn’t take the laptop…junky drug seeking behavior’s began to develop.
NASCAR seeking… I asked every human I saw… (There aren’t many pass thru where we were. Too far and takes too much time to run to civilization)
” Do you know who won the NASCAR race at Dover?”
“Have you heard anything about Pocono?”
Shaking, almost in convulsions, I coped.
I lived through missing the results of 2 races. 3 would have pushed me over The Edge.
He finally agreed to bring me home.
Now he can dig in peace. I call it Dale’s Hole.

Scope’s will be up later today.



  1. Clance’ darling!! You’re back! You poor thing going thru NASCAR withdrawals like that!
    Yes, you and your scopes were both missed. I’m sure Newman was worried about you as well!!
    Welcome home….
    Oh ya, the new look on the Insane blog is the Oregon coast.
    Did you catch the pic of Esad’s buns on my NASCAR blog? If not, it’s a must see.

  2. Let’s see if I can link it so you don’t have to search for the buns… if it doesn’t work, it’s the 5th post down…
    Esad’s buns

  3. WELCOME BACK STRANGER. We missed you. Tell the other half Happy Fathers Day!

  4. Missed you tons!

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