NASCAR Busch on FX

PET PEEVE #1 ~ note to Self:
If you are going to be a broadcast commentator on a nationally televised Busch Race, learn the Driver’s names. S. Wallace, K.Wallace and M.Wallace are not R.Wallace. They are not all brother’s.
Boris Said is prononced “Boris Sed”. Not “Sade”. His fans are “Said Heads”. Rhymes with “Dead Heads” (Long live Jerry!! **Don’t even think you can comment here that Jerry is dead, so cut your hair and go to work. Got it? Those are poison words. We don’t say things like that while at Church.)
There is no driver named J.D. Yayyyyyyyyyleeeeee.
Tony Stewart is not racing in Kentucky. He races in Michigan this weekend. Go Denny GO!!
Gentleman! Start your Engines!
Vrooommm….ker puttputt…putt…putt…putt.
Carl Edwards flew to Kentucky for that? Glad his plane ran well and he got there safe. Drove that thing all by his self. What a guy. He’s even a Deputy Sherriff. A good Cop. He better get outta that for good before Big Brother Govt. make him bust doors without knocking. I would sure hate to be the first cop in line to be the door buster downer, these days anyhoo.
The Biff get’s sent to the end of the line for being a naughty boy.
Wow!! An actual Busch driver won the race. Way to go D.G!! Congrats! Great Race.

Robby’s scope is interesting in light of his press release regarding the race at Michigan tomorrow.
Robby says his #7 team must bring their A-Game to this weekend’s race at Michigan International Speedway. You can read his qoutes on the 3M Performance 400 here.
Robby’s ‘scope looks to echo the same song. I would love to see him kick some… ummm…well, do really well this weekend. He will start 24th, but if anyone other than Tony can jam around that track from that position, it’s Robby. (**O.K. I admit it. Maybe a couple of other driver’s can drive almost as well…Jr.’s certainly moved up in my books. Kasey. Denny Boy. Matty-Boy is having a fair year. The Biff…J.J. and Ryan)

Robby Gordon, born 2 January 1969
Theme: Good investments
You will have great sensitivity to beauty today and an appreciation of lovely and well-made objects. This is a good day for buying clothing and art objects or for planning to redecorate your home. You have a strong desire to gratify your senses, but not to the point of being compulsive or foolish about spending. If you spend a lot of money on something that you want, the chances are it will be a good investment. In fact the best purchases to make today would be objects that will increase in value as they get older, such as jewelry or antiques. Your relationships should be very positively affected, and you might even start a new romantic interest. This is also a good time to smooth out any difficulties you are having with any other person.
Onward Robby!! Just make sure you know that Tony Stewart is safe…and in front of you. He has an owee too…


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