Mountain Home News: Story: $200 million super speedway proposed for area

Isn’t this interesting? NASCAR in Boise ID? I told you Idaho voters don’t vote and will just run around saying “We’re going to get NASCAR!!”
Will they fight with Boardman OR? (** Make sure you read the entire page.) Or….could there possibly…eventually …be 2 or 3 in the Pacific Northwest? I am afraid to hope.

Mountain Home News: Story: $200 million super speedway proposed for area

**Skips off singing Zippa-delli-doo-dah…Zippa-delli-aye.



  1. Ah-ha! Now I know the reason for the Boardman Or. question.

    In answer not much. It’s on the Columbia River and I-84 goes from Portland West thru Boardman.

    As fas as War Eagle Speedway goes they do have a website but is short on info at the moment.

    It says there will be a town meeting on 29 June and the property for the facility is already been purchased.

    I vaguely recall seeing the speedway referenced somewhere in the last month but a web search then didn’t turn up anything.

    So… the question now is how close is “Boise-ish” to Elmore County and “Fat City Fireworks on Simco Road?”

    BTW there seems to be some disputed info regarding NASCAR’s Busch Series moving intot Canada in 2007. I’m trying to track down whats’, what now.

  2. Oops, that should be “from Portland EAST thru Boardman.

    Or south… or what the heck. Just follow the Columbia River!

  3. So does this mean we will have a place to crash when races begin?

  4. Oh yeah…you can all pitch a tent in my yard…then we can all pile into the bus and go racin…wouldn’t that be a blast!!

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