NASCAR on Ebay ~ Dale Jr.’s Mini Cooper

It is always amazing what you can find, sell or see on Ebay. Thanks to Charlie Bear for the heads up.
“Dale Jr. is looking to upgrade his car collection, so he is auctioning his 2002 Mini Cooper. This vehicle, which was purchased new by Dale Jr. in 2002, has been completely modified to provide the ultimate in performance and appearance. With only 3124 original miles, it is equipped with an upgraded computer, exhaust, transmission, clutch, and suspension. In addition, it has an installed super charger providing high-end torque to the 270 hp engine. The interior is custom carbon fiber and chrome plated. All modifications were completed by Mini Mania, the leading tuner in Mini Coopers. Dale Jr. has personally autographed the sun visor, and he is willing to autograph the dash if desired by the new owner.

The winning bidder will be given the opportunity to receive the vehicle personally from Dale Jr. at his home in North Carolina.”

I think I know a few people that would do just about anything to buy that car (or buy the car just to get to meet Jr…)

In the Q&A section about the car is the following information:
“This particular vehicle is not involved with a charity association. The performance of the car has been enhanced due to modifications.
The car dynoed at 223 to the ground, which, when the 20% loss through the drivetrain is calculated, is actually 269.9 at the flywheel. The pulley is a 17% which is what was suggested for daily driving. The head and intake were ported and polished with new stainless valves. The cams were changed. The header/exhaust system was changed, the injectors were upsized and the computer was remapped. The springs, struts, brakes and sway bars were changed. The larger brakes required the larger wheels for clearance.
The vehicle has not been smoked in, and there are no other unusual smells associated with the interior.(**Would he spray some of his cologne inside when the car was picked up? It would be nice of Jr. to throw a bottle of his cologne in the deal, so the new owner can keep it smelling like him.)

The bid is up to $28,100.00 as of right now. (How high can it go? Can it beat the price of Robby Gordon’s helmet?) The blue book price for your average, not souped up Mini Cooper S is $20,640.00 from a private party seller. Yes, if it stayed at that price, someone would be getting the deal of a lifetime. Heck! I’d buy it myself.
I have always thought the Mini Cooper’s were cute. I would rip the bottom of that car out in seconds. I’m a 4WD kind of girl. 4WD isn’t an option for me. It’s a necessity.
Wonder what I could turn around and sell it for…huummmmrrrr?


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  1. Too small even if junior owned it. I am with you, if he had a truck for sale,or even a Vette, I would be interested. Those cars, cute yes for me LOL.

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