NASCAR Astro-Predictions and Driver Horoscopes for Sonoma ~ Robby Gordon

Robby’s horoscope for Sonoma sucks. Not as bad as Tony Stewart’s has lately…but ~
Oh my….

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Robby ~
When you are aware of aspects that can lean you towards a not so good day ~ you can change the negatives into positive rewards…The more unpleasant looking aspects are all weak transient aspects. That means they are short, sweet and controllable. You can easily change the affects these aspects have on you with awareness and self control.



All you Robby fans at On the Move-Robby, The Flash Zone,
Robby Gordon Rocks and The Fan Zone say a little prayer. Let’s get started on changing things around for Robby.

Theme of the Day for Sonoma: Expect the unexpected.

Robby Gordon, born 2 January 1969
Sun Square Uranus exact at 09:53
Activity period from 24 June 2006 to 26 June 2006
This can be a somewhat disruptive influence, during which you are subject to sudden upsets or to behavior that is upsetting to others. Under this influence it is quite likely that you will not follow your normal routine as on other days. There could be an automobile breaking down unexpectedly, a sudden argument or an unexpected separation from someone. The point is that you can expect the unexpected today. You are striving to break down your everyday routine, and it would be best to find ways of doing this intentionally, rather than waiting for it to happen. Let the restless spirit within you express itself. You need new air! You may very well discover a valuable aspect of yourself that you never knew existed, because you were afraid to let it come out.
(I swear I don’t make this up. It is program generated)

The previous aspect can be balanced out by this one:

Moon Trine Mars exact at 05:53
Active only on 25 June 2006
Weak, transient effect: This morning you can assert yourself in a positive manner and stand your ground if necessary. You may feel more courage and confidence than usual, which you express by taking the initiative in making emotional contacts with others. You speak very directly and forcefully, but without being offensive, which others will respect you for. This is a good time to work as a leader with groups of people. You understand what is needed, and you can unify your objectives and theirs, usually by talking them around to your point of view. Whenever you talk with others, you radiate an inner excitement, as if you were ready for immediate action. Under this influence you have the capacity to start projects, although you should keep in mind that this is a short- term influence and its effects will not last long.

Moon Conjunction Moon exact at 05:34
Active only on 25 June 2006.
Weak, transient effect: Certainly, this morning emotional attitudes figure more prominently than usual. You should be careful not to lose your objectivity in a discussion or lose your sense of perspective. But you will not feel particularly good or bad with this influence; rather, you will feel any emotion more strongly. Sometimes there is a tendency to attract things to you at this time. Women may also be more important to you than usual. Objects, persons and places that are familiar to you are very important at this time because you need emotional reassurance from your surrounding. You may try to withdraw from others or from confrontations with unfamiliar or strange situations. This is not a negative condition; it arises out of a need to be by yourself for a while.

Moon Square Uranus exact at 09:09
Activity period from 25 June 2006 to 26 June 2006.
Weak, transient effect: Today during the day the quality of time arouses an independent and rebellious spirit in you. You are inclined to do exactly the opposite of what someone suggests and to reject whatever others say simply because they said it. For the same reasons you are impatient with restraints, duties and responsibilities. There is a great need to be free and to do something very different, maybe even a little bit wild. You have a strong craving for excitement with this influence, and you may act in ways that you would never consider in a more sober mood. This could be either good or bad, of course, depending on how conservative you usually are and how unusual or outrageous the action. For some people this can be a very liberating influence. For others it is a bit too much.

Moon Square Jupiter exact at 12:03
Activity period from 25 June 2006 to 26 June 2006.
Weak, transient effect: This is usually a very positive influence, making you feel very benevolent and generous toward those around you. Today during the day your spirit is inclined toward contemplation of the loftier aspects of life. You are not concerned with the nasty little details that make life less than it should be, although you are aware of them. But you simply cannot see any point in paying any attention to them. Emotionally you feel quite good, for this influence promotes optimism and positive thinking. At times this influence indicates self- righteousness and smug arrogance, as if you considered yourself as the embodiment of social truth and wisdom. This attitude may not be entirely conscious on your part, but it may be subtly evident in your phrasing or in an unspoken attitude toward others.

Moon Square Chiron exact at 00:10
Activity period from 24 June 2006 to 25 June 2006.
At this time you have to deal with your own hurt feelings – either you are reminded of old wounds by some incident, or a sore point is disturbed again. Maybe you feel a little weak and are conscious of a certain aversion to handling the usual everyday interchanges – a feeling as if you were coming down with flu. If you now have the need to be alone, then that is what you should really do. If you make too many demands on yourself or if you are not left in peace, you may become hurtful to others – for example, your children if you are a parent – as a result of certain indifference. Fortunately, this influence lasts at most half a day.

Stay away from Kyle Busch if at all possible.

**Note toDawg and other’s…for some reason when I am publishing in IE I have issues with the pictures. When I use Mozilla, they publish fine. Probably a conspiracy to get rid of IE.


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  1. Shouldn’t everyone stay away from Kyle Busch?

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