NASCAR Astro-Predictions for Sonoma ~ Boris Said

Oops…I almost forgot! Sorry Said-Heads! Will he give Tony a run? I think so…

Boris Said, born 18 September 1962
Venus enters the 8th House
This is one of the best influences for all relationships: love affairs, relationships with partners, with coworkers, even with enemies. Ego forces are so in tune at this time that you can create the proper balance between yourself and everyone you meet. In your marriage or other love relationship, you will be able to express affection easily and make your feelings clear to your partner. In other partnerships, including professional ones, you are able to understand the needs of your partner so that you can arrive at maximum understanding and work together harmoniously. Be careful not to let your amiability prevent you from standing up for your own rights. You need not worry about alienating your partner, because you will be able to make it clear that you are working for your mutual benefit.

This is an extremely favorable influence for close relationships and one-to-one encounters of any sort.
This is also an excellent time to make an agreeable impression on someone new. If you have to work within a partnership, where keeping the peace is an important factor in your success, this is an excellent day. Any persons who are normally difficult to deal with will be easy to handle today. This is not a good time to be alone. You are in the mood for relating, and the day will not be complete in any way unless you share it.

Good Luck to All…



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  2. Where ya at Clance where ya at???

  3. Oh wow another anonymous person. I am also since I am at work. No computer at home (yet) when hubby realizes what fun it is. I am one of the Earnhardt Nation but like any and all Nascar races!. I guess since anonymous could be anyone I will be DEI girl (in my comments) from now on.

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