The Wheel is turning…

I am back…to my astoundment, the world went on without me. I thought the world revolved around me. I thought world events would stop while I was gone. It did where I was. No TV, No radio, no newspaper delivery and a sometimes here for a second then gone for hours, sat signal for my computer. No news means no stress and that mean dancing happily through the sagebrush rocks, wild flowers and rattlessnakes. Yes….lot’s of rattlesnake. If only they were gold.
Looks like I missed a lot in the NASCAR world. Again…like a junky seeking drugs, I would beg every occasional rancher or Sunday driver to tell me the who’s? what’s? and WHATS!! of the past 3 races. After hearing the outcome of two of them, I didn’t care what was going on.

The main points of interest that have caught my eye today? Rev’n Jim said he was warming up to Big Baby Busch. I better have a little heart to heart with him and remind him that there are Aliens trying to take over NASCAR. I am not talking about Toyota…Jim… please…hear my words and read this report. Whew. Glad that’s taken care of.

Take a look at this picture of Dale Jr. The Alien’s try to get him and he resists. This is what happens when he is resisting their attempts at overtaking him. He is strong. They cannot convert him. His warp speed and talent runs at a much higher vibrational frequency level than theirs.

I am not liking the point standings. My! How things can change in the blink of an eye… Here are a few other things that have caught attention as I was blinking:

Tony seems a little ticked at Ryan. Man!! I wish I would have seen that little tiff. I hate it when my boys fight. Work it out…Ryan? As you speak of the cycles of life ( I did see a few minutes of his interview…walked out of where I was when I saw who crossed the finish line as the winner.) …remember: What comes around goes around.

RYR troubles? The big “Where’s UPS in 2007?” question still looms over head.”Who’s not going to sponsor the 88?” he said. “Everyone is like, ‘Yeah, they’re going to lose UPS, they’re going to lose Dale Jarrett.’ So what? We’ve got a car that is guaranteed in the top 35 in points. **Okaaaaay. Your point is? Your losing Elliot too. Something’s wrong with this picture.

Mikey is having tooooooooo much fun.
Jeremy Mayfield? UPS? Aaron’s.

Mikey, you are such a tease.

The big question of the week? Where’s Elliot going to be in 2007? RYR says he’s gone and he ain’t coming back.
Will the Elder Brother of the Aliens wedding really happen?
U.S Fish and wildlife says the wedding can happen, but the pier is a big no-no.”To have her crying on my shoulder one night that she didn’t quite get her dream wedding out on the beach was tough,” Busch said. Poor Eva.
I am sure she will eventually get over having to get married on a porch insted of a pier. Bugs are special too.
Kurt should have hired me as his wedding planner. They have fired the wedding planner 3 times already and keep hiring her back. Hmmm…I wonder if they are difficult to work with… I would have done a better job and made it more interesting. Could have performed the ceremony even. UFO’s lights all around with strange sounds coming out of them instead of a plain old boring band. Some of those bands my daughters listen to look and sound like Aliens tho. We could have invited Coast to Coast AM to broadcast the wedding live. Well, maybe a bit delayed. It is an evening wedding. For Read Kurt’s take on the romantic evening…

Jimmy Johnson isn’t counting Tony out of the Chase yet. Wise man.
“So, I don’t breathe any easier in seeing where Tony is. Tony is going to be huge threat either way. But there are also guys just sitting there outside the top 10 that are huge threats as well.” “I do think guys who have been in the Chase have an upper hand, and definitely guys that have won a championship before – they are much more calm and cool and relaxed. I think we all saw that last year with Tony versus his first championship.” Yup…wise man. Wise Crew Chief.

And finally…The Tony Stewart foundation donated, for the second time, $1 Million to Victory Junction Gang. What a man he is. My hero.

Must fly of into the blogosphere and touch base with the others Lug Nutz.
Tally Ho! Onward!!



  1. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!……. ahhhhhh, I missed ya. Glad you are ok. peace, Dawg

  2. I almost posted about the Alien’s wedding. The whole thing made me laugh. Especially the Alien Kurt’s view of how it will be romantic.

    Yep, you summed up the madness pretty well. And please Rev’ Jim, stay away from the shrub!!

  3. Clance, it’s great seeing you back again! Really missed you, but happy that you got the vacation time in. I’m not becoming a fan of the Schrub (that’s the correct spelling) but was just noting that he is beginning to give a little respect for the other drivers, especially Tony. In return he is receiving respect. I know he will do something to change that. It’s okay, the aliens haven’t probed me…yet,

  4. Oh thank goodness you’ve not been probed. I don’t have an exorcism for that…

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