On Vacation…again!

We are home again …off again to Burnt River Canyon, OR gold mining. We are having way too much fun! We will be back on Aug 5th, in time for ‘scopes for The Brickyard.
My grandchildren’s birthdays are all in the summer and we are also having a combined birthday party for them on the 6th, so Grama and kids don’t miss out. (*On Grama…my daughter’s are calling me “Mama MIA” Missing in Action. LOL.)
Here are some pictures of where we are. Enjoy! You can a bunch of others here.

Tally Ho! Onward to another adventure! Peace!!



  1. Hi Clane’

    Ok, you have gotten me hooked on NASCAR! (think I first heard about it on your blog)

    I’ve added your link to my new blog.

    Who’s your favorite driver? I like Carl Edwards.


  2. Have fun gf! I look forward to your return.

  3. About time you posted something. I guess having fun with your family is more important than posting for your friends!!! Have a gr8 time, look forward to hearing from you soon, Peace. Dawg

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