NASCAR in Watkins Glen, Creeds and a Big 4 Sale Sign

There has been a change and addendum to the by – laws of The Church of the Great Oval.
The addendum change was proposed by the great Rev’in Jim and seconded by our precious
Motownian Lauren. Addendum changed effective 8/8/06.
The new Creed reads as follows with the new addendum in italics:

Creed of The Church of the Great Oval
To join this church you must agree to and follow the creeds and doctrine of said church.

LAW 1.

YOU agree to observe the following days as Minor and Major Sabbaths:

a. ALL Sundays during Race Season. If there is no Race on Sunday you will use this day to celebrate that you have nothing that you HAVE to do. These HOLY days are considered MAJOR SABBATHS.
b. All Saturdays during Race Season. Although not all Saturdays have Races, there are always qualifying events and you might need to prepare for the Sunday Sabbath Race the next day. Saturdays are also considered MAJOR SABBATHS.
c. MINOR SABBATHS are considered to be any Thursday, Friday, Monday or Tuesday that you must travel to and from a Race to attend Church. This includes travel and recovery time.
LAW 2.


a. All Race expenses, souvenier costs and related items shall be considered tithing.
b.If you have additional money that you would like to donate, Clance’ will gladly take it off your hands. She will look high and low for someplace to spend it. It will be hard but she CAN manage to do it.

LAW 3.

a. Your Driver will be considered your personal Avatar. You must display the number of your Driver’s car somewhere proudly on your vehicle.
b. If you do not have a vehicle the Members of the Church of the Great Oval will pretend you do.

LAW 4.

REGARDING Church Status:

A.The more memorobilia you display, the more pious in the Church you will become.
B. Throwing beer at the race winner at the Brickyard is dumping the Sacrament on the floor of a Holy Shrine. This is grounds for excommunication from the Church, even if the winner is part of the HMS team or an Alien.
I think we lost a member over that one.

O.K. maybe my life is just one big vacation. Isn’t that the way it should be? One adventure after another. Create your own reality and live your dreams! Yes… we are still gold mining. We came home for a few days to buy a new 5th wheel.
Sorry ’bout no scopes for the Brickyard. I even missed the race. My #1 #88 fan can fart around like no one I have ever seen. Don’t even think women are the worst…We did make it to the grandkids birthday party, but we were even late for that. You can’t drive 200 miles in an hour. My truck is powerful, but a stock car it ain’t.

Back to the other reason we came home:

For sale: 1979 5th wheel – Fully self contained. You can sit on the toilet and take a shower at the same time. Table and benches convert to twin and a half size bed, must be careful while converting bed back to table or you could hurt you back real good. Some contortion abilities required. Full sized bed over neck. There is a 1 butt kitchen in the middle of the 2 areas. Screen over the tiny kitchen window has a recent convenient tear in it. You can stick your hand through to reach the door handle in case you lock both sets of keys (trailer and truck- his and hers), inside while it is pouring rain, and blowing 70 MPH winds. The lightening can light you way to see it. **Helpful hint: Always leave this window open, in case it happens twice. Cover the tear with duct tape to keep the mosquitoes, biting deer flies, wasps, hornets, bees and assorted giant spiders out. Could be livable (for a day or two) if there were an air conditioner when it is 105 outside in the shade.
Needs new battery
. Maybe some new wiring.
Includes good working hitch and we will even help you hook it up to haul it! Bring your own tools and welder.
Located in the Burnt River Canyon of Eastern Or. Buyer will receive 3 days of unlimited access as a guest/slave working with us. Buyer might even find a flake of gold. Panning lessons and all meals included. Bring your own sleeping bag. Leave the kids at home. No whining allowed.
$1750.00 OBO No pictures available…use you imagination
. It’s ugly. Does have faded Home Depot /UPS Team’s colors as the inside and outside decor. Lovely Ambience! Seller will throw in a new #20 sticker for the front sides and back viewing pleasure of others. Maybe even a #88 cling on. NASCAR Driver Bobble Head Collection will not be included, and will be removed from old 5th wheel to new 5th wheel. Don’t even ask.

Here is a picture of the new 5th wheel, and my “Smoke-em” truck. Funny that I
have the “REAL TRUCK” and #1 #88 fan Dale has a little wimpy 4wd drive… Just because
his is a 2006 Ranger and his license plates say UPS88 doesn’t make his Ford tough…Drive the truck…right.
Mine is tough. Just like my Smoke.

Speaking of Smoke and NASCAR…
Tony…Tony…Tony…quit picking on Carl. Carl? Quit calling Tony names about being a
name-caller. Tony is not a moron. Come up with something more clever. Calling him a
moron makes you look like a moron. Neither of you are. You are both getting a lot of
press. That is pretty smart in my book. Clint? Enough from you already. Quit yer’
whining and focus on being a better driver.
I’m with Dale Jr. on this controversy: “”This is mild compared to how they used to
race,” said Dale Earnhardt Jr., son of the seven-time champion. “Every week Daddy and
someone was bopping and banging and carrying on.” Read more

Is Mark Martin ever going to make up his mind about what retirement means?

…Looks like Bill Elliot is replacing Jeremy Mayfield in this weekends race…I love Bill Elliot, but I hate howthis looks for Jeremy. He’s a great guy. What’s up with no one
telling Jeremy about the change. That is crap!
“It’s not professional, that’s for sure,” Mayfield said of the way the matter was handled. “That’s the way everything has worked around here for a while.”
The statement Ray Evernham made “”We will do whatever we need to get this car in the
show for Watkins Glen. It’s important to our sponsors and it’s important to this team.
Having Bill in the driver’s seat gives us this guarantee.” Sounds pretty insulting to me. This is NASCAR. There are no guarantee’s. I have some serious feelings about the subject of how Jeremy Mayfield has been treated. I think it’s terrible. You can vote on what you think about it on the above link to the article at VOTE AND LET THEM KNOW>>> What did they expect when they gave Kasey Kahne Jeremy’s entire crew chief and crew? I would like to see Jeremy go to Mikey’s house. I also wish Elliot would tell Mr.E. to shove the thought of Sadler driving for him us his equine relative.
Gotta get off this subject. I will start sounding like I am his mom and I am sticking
up for my kiddo. Then I will sound like I am whining right along with that driver that
needs to focus on driving.

Looks like Kyle Busch is more than likely going to make the Chase, BUT there are still
five events to get through – and road course racing is not one of his strength’s. A
poor run this weekend could start a cold streak that could affect his Chase status.
Baby Busch did run better at Infineon posting an 11th place finish after placing 40th and
33rd in the two road course races last season. Still, it will be all he can do to
ensure a solid run at the Glen and keep his position in the point standings.” Personally, I want
Baby Busch out and Kasey Kahne in.

The top dogs in road courses, are (*other than Tony Stewart of course) Robby Gordon and Boris Said. Boris took home a top 10 at Infineon earlier this season and ran third in this race last season. Over the last three road course races he is averaging a 10th place finish. The only concern I have is that Boris will be running the #61 Front Row Motorsports Dodge rather than the #60 No Fear Racing.

?? Robby ?? Mr. NEVER GIVE UP. Read this. I so look forward to a race that is neck and neck all the way between Tony, Robby, Boris. Wouldn’t that be fun? Even more fun? Big Brother and Baby Busch are in there also… Kyle wrecks Kurt in turn 4 and puts them both out of the race. No one is hurt, of course. No one else is even hit. Tony would win with Robby being .000002 seconds behind him for 2nd and Boris a closer than that 3rd. Yup! That’s my idea of my dream race. Kevin Harvick can also be a serious road course threat. That boy can drive a road course and he has an astrological hot streak going on in his life right now. He would be a my 4th or 5th place pick with Ryan Newman also in one of those spots. Dale Jr,, Denny, Elliot, D.J., for the top nine. Matt Kenseth would follow right behind them, for another top ten. Carl would place 11th, becuase he is still being mean and carrying a grudge about Tony. He lost his focus and caused him to lose a top ten finish. Then he would re-evalute his perspectives and go back to being more like good ol’ Carl. Remember him? The guy that’s nice to everyone and smiles a lot?

I am anxious to see how Indy car Driver Max Papis does this weekend…

Enough of my sometime tortuous rambling for now. I will be posting more on my take on historical Watkins Glen, NY later today. Now I know you think my perspective is going to be a little like this: (Watkins Glen: Tony Stewart preview)
Or this: (Tony Stewart (No. 20 Home Depot Chevrolet) won the past two races at Watkins Glen and three of the past four, his performance a year ago earned him a perfect Driver Rating of 150.0. That standard has been achieved only three times since the beginning of last season, with Kurt Busch (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge) attaining it in his 2005 wins at Phoenix and Pocono. Stewart also raced into Victory Lane at Watkins Glen in 2002 and he is tied with Mark Martin (No. 6 AAA Ford) for the second most victories at this New York road course. Stewart has five top-10 finishes at The Glen and his 7.428 average finish there is second only to Martin (6.22) among active drivers. Stewart has proven to be an accomplished road course racer, scoring five wins and nine top-10 finishes in his 15 career road course starts. Stewart’s perfect 150.0 rating at The Glen is his best among the remaining five Race to the Chase tracks. You can read more on Watkins Glen Racing
stats here.) but it’s not…

Tally Ho!! Onward!
Later Lug Nutz…


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  1. Gosh, Clance, I won’t have to write a preview this week–you pretty much covered it. Glad you’re having a great time, and congrats on the new fifth wheel and the new truck. Enjoy, but remember the Loyal miss you when you are gone.

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