Watkins Glen Stats

“It goes to show you don’t ever know Watch each card you play and play it slow…..” Robert Hunter

Hmmm…? Jeremy Mayfield fired? According to the NASCAR News Service story, information obtained from sources in the Iredell County Clerk of Court’s office in Statesville, N.C., indicated Mayfield had obtained a temporary restraining order, the contents of which were not immediately known, and was seeking a preliminary injunction against his ouster in a hearing in Statesville on Friday.
Read more at NASCAR.com and
Scene Daily.com.

FAST FACTS and comments on and about Watkins Glen:
Date Opened: 1948
Watkins Glen, N.Y.
First NWCS Race:
The Glen, August 4, 1957
Qualifying record:
Dale Jarrett, 122.697 mph, August 10, 2001
Race record:
Mark Martin, 103.030 mph, August 13, 1995
2.45 miles
Road course with 11 turns and banking ranging from 6 degrees to 10 degrees.
220.5 miles, 90 laps
Grandstand seats:
(607) 535-2486

Most exciting and historical event ever held at Watkins Glen?

The Summer Jam at Watkins Glen (from Wikipedia.com)
Referred to as the Watkins Glen Festival, was a 1973 rock festival which received the Guinness Book of World Records entry for “Largest audience at a pop festival.” An estimated 600,000 rock fans came to the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Raceway outside of Watkins Glen, New York on July 28, 1973, to see The Allman Brothers Band, The Band, and The Grateful Dead perform.
The concert was produced by Shelly Finkel and Jim Koplik, two promoters who previously organized a successful Grateful Dead concert at Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1972. Similar to the 1969 Woodstock Festival, an enormous traffic jam created chaos for those who attempted to make it to the concert site. 150,000 tickets were sold for 10 US-Dollar per ticket but for all the other people it was a free concert. The crowd was so huge that the largest part of the audience was not able to see the stage; however, twelve huge sound amplifiers, installed courtesy of legendary promoter Bill Graham, allowed the audience to at least hear.
Although the concert was scheduled to start on July 28th, thousands of music fans were already at the concert site on the 27th. Robbie Robertson of the Band requested to do a
soundcheck, but was perplexed that so many people were sitting in front of the stage.
Bill Graham allowed the soundcheck with the crowd of people in front, and the Band ran
through a few numbers to the delight of the audience. The Allman Brothers Band did their soundcheck next, playing “One Way Out” and “Ramblin’ Man”. The Grateful Dead’s legendary soundcheck turned into a two set marathon, featuring their familiar tunes such as “Sugaree”, “Tennessee Jed” and “Wharf Rat”. They also performed a unique jam that was eventually
included on their retrospective CD box set So Many Roads (1965-1995).
On July 28, the day of the concert, 600,000 music fans had arrived in Watkins Glen. The
Grateful Dead performed first, playing two long sets. They opened with “Bertha” and played many hits such as “Box Of Rain”, “Jack Straw”, “Playing in the Band”, “China Cat Sunflower” and “Eyes of the World”.
The Band followed the Dead with one 2 hour set. However, their set was cut in half by a
drenching thunderstorm, in a scene again reminiscent of Woodstock. During the storm,
keyboardist Garth Hudson performed his signature organ improvisation “Genetic Method” until the rain let up.
Finally, the Allman Brothers Band performed for 3 hours. Their performance included
“Wasted Words”, “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”, “Statesboro Blues”, “Les Brers in A
Minor” and “Whipping Post.”
Following the Allmans’ second set, there was an hour encore jam featuring musicians from all three bands. The jam featured spirited renditions of “Not Fade Away”, “Mountain Jam”, and “Johnny B. Goode”.
Although there were no reports of violence at Watkins Glen, the day was marred by the
death of Willard Smith, 35, a skydiver from Syracuse, New York. Smith, who dove from an
airplane, was carrying flares. One of the flares ignited his body suit, and he was engulfed in flames. Smith’s body was eventually found in the woods near the concert site.

I can hardly believe so many years have went by since Jerry Garcia’s passing on Aug.9th, 1995.
A fond farewell ol’freind. Godspeed til we meet again….

Want a good laugh while you are waiting for the ‘scope’s for Watkins Glen?
Check out NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 21
Too funny fictional driver commentary by Jeffrey Boswell
Tony Stewart– “According to many analysts,” says Stewart, “I’m a lock to make the Chase. According to Carl Edwards, I’m a moron. I’ve got news for you, Carl. I’ve been called worse, much worse … by my relatives.”

Jimmy Johnson– “”You know, I found out that kissing the bricks after an Indy win is overrated, and quite unsanitary,” says Johnson. “Just think of all the guys that have won here. The list is endless, and all of their filthy lips have been on those bricks. Really, kissing the bricks gave me no feeling at all. I guess now I know what Kurt Busch’s new bride feels like.”

Big Baby Busch -“I felt like I’ve matured a great deal this season,” says Busch, enjoying a bowl of free Frosted Flakes, courtesy of his sponsor. “The ‘mature’ Kyle Busch avoids accidents like those at the end of Sunday’s race. The ‘old’ Kyle Busch would have caused the wrecks and then rammed the drivers in the parking lot for good measure.”

Tally HO!! Later Lug Nutz!!



  1. McClannahan, I like the blog and that’s some goos stuff about Watkins Glen. I’m glad Denny was able to hang in there for a #10 finish last weekend despite the messy final lap.

    I’m sure you’re aware of this but I recently heard about the Kentucky Speedway’s lawsuit against NASCAR. I signed this petition to support NASCAR,
    in this fight. So the owners of Kentucky want to sue NASCAR and have every race opened up for bidding? That could ruin the Cup circuit as we know it.

    More great tracks with history and character could lose theur races to some upstart cookie cutter track. Plus, the kicker, is that one of the owners, Richard Farmer, is the head of the Cintas Corporation, a sponsor and partne rof NASCAR. Interesting. Anyway, I would be curious to hear your thoughts on the issue. Enjoy the race this weekend.

  2. They did mention on Live that Mayfield’s coach was there at the Glen, but I didn’t hear them say anything about the injunction.

  3. hope you dont mind I linked to ya.

  4. Thanks for posting about The Watkins Glen Concert. I remember it, but not too well. We got there late, couldn’t get anywhere where we could see the band. That was thirty three years ago, and I don’t remember much of the music. I was there, though. Long live Jerry, in our hearts!

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