Watkins Glen Busch Race – Kurt Busch and Robby Gordon at their Best!!

Kurt Busch and Robby Gordon drove their hearts out and did some seriously fine driving! I was on my feet screaming!

I can’t wait til tomorrow. My dream race of Tony, Robby, Boris, Jeff Gordon, and Kurt and Kyle the Alien Brothers could possibly happen…gives me goosebumps! Jimmie might even surprise us.
I love road courses, especially Watkins Glen!

Tally Ho!! Onward Lug Nutz!!



  1. I was yelling for Robby to defeat the alien! Maybe a computer virus in the mother ship would have helped.
    PS. I think the aliens are getting into Dawg’s mind!!!

  2. Me too! I tried to comment about it on his blog but I can’t seem to get it to let me lately.
    Dawg!! Keep control of your mind!! Guard it carefully!

  3. Did you see Robby on NASCAR Race Day a few minutes ago? He said he was fiesty today after he set Kenny straight about last week’s wreck.
    Watch out!!! Robby’s fired up!

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