Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby

Did you see Larry King interview Ricky Bobby live tonite? If not catch it on the boob tube later this evening. It is well worth it. It will also keep your mind busy so Aliens cannot get control over it. Dawg!! I am worried about you! Keep your mind busy!! The Alien has control over your blog and your Pastor cannot comment on it. She has tried and tried. Hopefully, with the help of our other Church members, we can narrowly avert a disaster! Hurry Flock!! Ride the Redneck rail to Salvation and save our dear Brother!!
Antonette is ok. I checked on her. So is Babs, I mean Jane.
Rev’n Jim is ok too.
Onward troops.
Do you think Ricky Bobby’s mind is strong enough to resist the Aliens? I sure hope so.



  1. As much as it hurt me to write that, you HAVE to admit The Big Earred Dummy ran one whale of a race and won it in fine racin fashion. Even Robby gave him props, sort of. Hopefully today there will be a Chevy in victory lane. That last couple of laps were exciting. We were yelling for Robby to dump him, but it just didn’t have enough umpf to pass him. Don’t worry this slight “lapse” will leave and the “real” Tire Dawg will be back to bash the Busch Brothers. I gotta call a spade a spade when I see one though. After all he is a “Busch” and even though his “Alien Snowangel” dance is funny, I have faith that Kurt will do something to make us all forget yesterdays race and remember him for the fool he is. Either way you look at it one hell of a race yesterdaysquzumf.

  2. I am alive and well. Busy, but doing fine. Glad to see you are doing well gf!

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