Drugged and stupid.

Thought I better get online and check my email and catch up on a few of my blog buds…
Got my cast changed yesterday and re-x-rayed to make sure I am healing ok. All looks good. We are headed back to Burnt River tomorrow. I did get a new and better Hughsnet dish so I will at least be able to get online while I am up there. This one bounces off the hills better so I will have signal as long as the forest fire smoke doesn’t obliterate it.
I have discovered my home is not handicap oriented. I get stuck in the corners with my wheel chair and fall with the walker. The 5th wheel will be much easier to move about in. I can only sit up right for about 10 minutes at a time before the circulation cuts off in my foot. I have a great and wondrous plan to set up my keyboard and screen and still be able to have my ankle above my heart. (Throb…throb…)
I am way behind on my Tony fetish but if any of you haven’t seen this, here it is.
Yes Tony….your welcome in the Pacific NW anytime. We will make you feel right at home.
Lugnutz…our Mantra for the week is:
Kasey in the Chase, Baby Busch out. Repeat often.
Jane…normally I would agree with you, however remember my prediction at the beginning of the year? The Chase will come down to the last race, neck and neck…Tony and Jeff Gordon. Sorry. I hope I am wrong and it’s Matty and Tony with Tony (of course) winning. Remember I have said that Jimmy Johnson’s scope has the same aspect as Mark Martin’s. Never a Championship. Close but no cigar.
By the way? Did anyone else notice the lack of praise for Dale Jarrett’s finish? Ticks me off. I look forward to him kicking butt in a Toyota next year.
Tally Ho!! Gotta go lay down the foot a tingling and the pain killers and the couch are calling.
Onward! (trip…fall…ouch.)