Drugged and stupid.

Thought I better get online and check my email and catch up on a few of my blog buds…
Got my cast changed yesterday and re-x-rayed to make sure I am healing ok. All looks good. We are headed back to Burnt River tomorrow. I did get a new and better Hughsnet dish so I will at least be able to get online while I am up there. This one bounces off the hills better so I will have signal as long as the forest fire smoke doesn’t obliterate it.
I have discovered my home is not handicap oriented. I get stuck in the corners with my wheel chair and fall with the walker. The 5th wheel will be much easier to move about in. I can only sit up right for about 10 minutes at a time before the circulation cuts off in my foot. I have a great and wondrous plan to set up my keyboard and screen and still be able to have my ankle above my heart. (Throb…throb…)
I am way behind on my Tony fetish but if any of you haven’t seen this, here it is.
Yes Tony….your welcome in the Pacific NW anytime. We will make you feel right at home.
Lugnutz…our Mantra for the week is:
Kasey in the Chase, Baby Busch out. Repeat often.
Jane…normally I would agree with you, however remember my prediction at the beginning of the year? The Chase will come down to the last race, neck and neck…Tony and Jeff Gordon. Sorry. I hope I am wrong and it’s Matty and Tony with Tony (of course) winning. Remember I have said that Jimmy Johnson’s scope has the same aspect as Mark Martin’s. Never a Championship. Close but no cigar.
By the way? Did anyone else notice the lack of praise for Dale Jarrett’s finish? Ticks me off. I look forward to him kicking butt in a Toyota next year.
Tally Ho!! Gotta go lay down the foot a tingling and the pain killers and the couch are calling.
Onward! (trip…fall…ouch.)



  1. I neglected to send a get well soon when first reading of your “adventure.” So here it is.

    Have you thought of hooking up a miniature 5th wheel behnd that chair of yours?

    Really… you could evn paint it “Smoke Orange.”

    While you’re laying around with a foot in the air take a read of this story about driver that is a member of a very famous racing family and lives very close to you.

  2. Hi Stranger…wagon and downhill sledding and throw in tequilla….deadly mixture…but I bet it was fun…Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh yes, DJ got totally ignored and it really pissed me off. He has not had the greatest of a season and here they go just ignoring him because his name is not in green or yellow. It is a sad day when the broadcast teams like NBC become so horrible at doing this. Remember, there are 33 other cars on the track.

    Just my opinion.


  4. Thanks for the link Marc. I didn’t know that. I will have to keep an eye out at Stateline or Meridian Speedway.
    Good to hear from you!!
    Good to hear from you too Susan. I have missed ya!
    I do have an extra 5th wheel (the one butt kitchen one…) Dale probly wouldn’t like the idea tho. He isn’t so keen on any of my creative engineering ideas right now as the hospital bills roll in. Thanks for all the get wells!!

  5. Hey Clance’!
    I think is was YOU who got me hooked on NASCAR when I first checked out your blog…I had to find out what the big deal was with the “Church of the Great Oval”. I watched one race and haven’t missed one since! I love your blog and the driver astrology profiles.
    Kasey’s profile was right on last week!
    Sorry to hear about your accident!
    Heal quick.
    Where are you in Idaho?
    I’m in SLC,UT, maybe not far from you. Possibly, we could meet one day and figure out how to share ACIM throughout the NASCAR scene! One of the things I like most about NASCAR is the compassion and spirituality of most of the people involved.
    So glad to hear from you!
    God Bless!

  6. Are ya saying Princess Jimmie is always gonna be a brides maid??? LOL Hope ya feel better Clance. Take ONE ONLY extra pain pill for me.

  7. Get better soon! We’ll know tomorrow night who’s in and who’s out.

  8. I hope you feel better real soon. After Saturday night’s race I will be under medical supervision due to extreme anxiety attacks because of all the stuff that went on during the race. LOL

  9. Hey Clance, its belinda from burnt river……had a great time with the two of you…. gold was great…. hope you are feeling better…emailed you personally but never got response….be blessed girl…

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