NASCAR in Atlanta – Tony Stewart wins!!

That’s my Smoke!! It was uplifting (for me) to see him win again. Congrats also to J.J., Jr. and Matty boy too! What a finish for Jr. and Matt. I am also very proud of the run and finish that Dale Jarrett and Robby Gordon made today and it ticks me off to no end that NBC paid nearly no attetion to them. WAY TO GO!!
We were running a little late this morning and didn’t get to Huntington until lap 32. Sorry I didn’t get the scopes posted. Here are a couple in hindsight.

Tony Stewart
This is a time when you are inclined to put emotional considerations second to the immediate necessities, as you see them, in your life. Emotional repression of one kind or another is a probable consequence of this influence. But if you do react with emotional repression, you may become hypercritical, which is really the expression of a repressed feeling, usually of resentment toward someone. Another negative expression of this influence is the “martyr game”, a tactic of pretending that something is all right with you while subtly signaling that it is not and possibly trying to make others feel guilty for their behavior. Often this is done quite unconsciously. It is much better to put your feelings on the line, even if they don’t seem to fit the situation.

Dale Jarrett, born 26 November 1956
Today during the day you experience a time of inner and outer equanimity. You can stop and take stock of yourself without feeling completely caught up in the usual turmoil and rush of events. Even if your affairs are not going too smoothly, this influence will provide a breathing space. If you have been feeling harried, you now have at least a brief opportunity to take it easy. And if you are relaxed, you will feel even better now. Your relationships with groups and friends are quite good during this time. You are able to understand other people’s needs without losing sight of your own desires for fulfillment. Opportunities may arise from unexpected corners that will improve your life in small ways at least. In general you will benefit from being out in the world today and having as much contact with others as possible.

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Tonight your feelings and emotions are much more intense, but at the same time your sensitivity is stimulated. You feel everything much more powerfully than usual, and you are not likely to take your feelings or anyone else’s lightly. It puts you in a serious mood and makes you seek the most powerful and intimate encounters with another. Sexual relationships may be considerably enriched, because this influence enables you to get past the superficial levels of communication that may have been driving you and your loved one apart. In this way you can again feel as one. In general, life will call you to approach it with some passion and feeling. And if you can respond, it can be a very rich and rewarding experience in which you learn much about your feelings.

Mark Martin, born 9 January 1959
At this time you may have to strive very hard to get anywhere but if so, your goals when you do reach them will be more permanent and far reaching. If you are unclear about what you are doing in some area, this is a good time to look inside yourself to find out what you really want to do. You should not and probably cannot move until you are clear about your objectives. In examining yourself, you may discover hitherto unknown psychological forces that you can use to gain your ends. A considerable change in self-understanding may be one consequence of this influence. If you are at all clear about your purpose, this influence should assure you of success in any undertaking that you become involved in now. Proceed full steam ahead and do not worry. Just avoid stepping upon other people’s toes unnecessarily, because that can have dangerous consequences later on.

Jeff Gordon, born 4 August 1971
Valid during many months: The recognition of your own limitations can now enable you to achieve a natural authority which helps you to be more adept when dealing with others. This is particularly likely if you are in a wider sense occupied in a therapeutical or pedagogical role. Both with yourself and others you are intuitively able to strike a balance between sternness and sympathy, and this can be a great help if you are involved in counseling or educating others.
This is a very good time to deal with the mental or physical scars resulting from wounds inflicted by your parents or other figures of authority. Of particular relevance are situations in which you felt totally misunderstood or experienced a painful rejection which made you unable to forgive the person concerned. Be especially alert if these people suddenly reappear in your life, because this influence can help you to make conciliatory approaches to others.
During this time you will come to see your everyday structures and routine in a new light. You sense a growing urge to overcome old and particularly oppressive restrictions which limit your freedom to act. These may either be self-imposed or result from your sense of obligation to others. It is not so important to remove all your burdens and difficulties – on the contrary, your new understanding can help you to deal with your personal and social responsibilities and obligations in a new and more positive way.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., born 10 October 1974
This morning the quality of time arouses an independent and rebellious spirit in you. You are inclined to do exactly the opposite of what someone suggests and to reject whatever others say simply because they said it. For the same reasons you are impatient with restraints, duties and responsibilities. There is a great need to be free and to do something very different, maybe even a little bit wild. You have a strong craving for excitement with this influence, and you may act in ways that you would never consider in a more sober mood. This could be either good or bad, of course, depending on how conservative you usually are and how unusual or outrageous the action. For some people this can be a very liberating influence. For others it is a bit too much.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., born 10 October 1974
This morning the quality of time arouses an independent and rebellious spirit in you. You are inclined to do exactly the opposite of what someone suggests and to reject whatever others say simply because they said it. For the same reasons you are impatient with restraints, duties and responsibilities. There is a great need to be free and to do something very different, maybe even a little bit wild. You have a strong craving for excitement with this influence, and you may act in ways that you would never consider in a more sober mood. This could be either good or bad, of course, depending on how conservative you usually are and how unusual or outrageous the action. For some people this can be a very liberating influence. For others it is a bit too much.

Robby Gordon, born 2 January 1969
Valid during many months: Your life will now receive a breath of fresh air, probably because you find it easier to be true to yourself. Other people will be swept along by your vivacity if you don’t make the mistake of shutting them out of your present actions. True freedom and independence are not reflected by a stubborn attempt to go it alone, but rather by the joy of sharing personal experiences. A change of job might mean that you get to know fascinating people with unusual ideas or radically different ways of seeing things unlike anything you have ever come across. Talk to your partner about such experiences, otherwise she could easily feel left out. This unusually positive influence can also help you to breathe new life into any existing relationship – not so much by starting new activities, but by removing any long term tension within it.
Any new challenges at work could contain hidden opportunities. Don’t wait for someone to point these out, because this is unlikely to happen. Try instead to trust your intuition, and have the courage to take such fortunate opportunities by the horns. This will help you to grow more independent, which will enable you to make more of your own decisions at work. This is all the more likely if your work involves contributing something of significance to the wider society, or if it can help you to take you a step closer to your own ideals and visions.

Wait til you see Ryan Newman’s scope for 2007. And Jarrett’s…and Tony’s…MU-ah-ha-ha!!

Remember my call in early 2006. I said the championship, iff all went well would come down to Tony and Jef Gordon. Well..1 wrong prediction down…one *hopefully* to go.

TEXAS? NEXT week? ALREADY!! Time flies when you are not having as much fun as you used to, as well as when you are having fun.

Quick scopes for Texas- It’s Full Moon! Should be a great race!

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971
Tonight you may display great sensitivity and feeling in front of or when dealing with others. Or you may allow your thinking to be entirely overcome by personal and subjective considerations so that no one can communicate with you or understand you. This influence can go either way. On the positive side, it enables you to feel out the mood of a group of people so that you can appeal to their deepest emotional concerns. But on the negative side, this influence may make you shy away from groups or from people in general. The same energy that enables you to feel out moods also makes you feel vulnerable and exposed with others. Thinking and decision-making are not favored by this quality of time, because your mind is dominated by petty personal motives that cannot go beyond your immediate psychological necessities.

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Theme: Favors granted
Today you will focus your attention on getting ahead in some way. You feel strong, vigorous and confident. Your relationship with your superiors is good, and they may grant you some favor that will assist you in your efforts. Nevertheless you do not feel dependent upon anyone now, nor do you feel that you need recognition from others. Instead you draw satisfaction from knowing inside yourself what you can do. You have a good understanding of yourself, and the calmness that usually goes along with this influence enables you to plan with a cool head. Your personal and family life are also benefited by this influence, because your personal strength is coupled with a sense of responsibility and the knowledge that you don’t have to take away anything from your loved ones in order to get ahead.

Mark Martin, born 9 January 1959
This influence makes you think a great deal about your relationships to others, not in unhappy terms, but quite positively. You are much more willing to give up what you normally consider your inalienable rights for the sake of maintaining peace and harmony. You are in a compromising mood and feel that few problems are important enough to warrant fighting over. Obviously this has its bad and good side, but for most people this influence has a very cheering and positive effect. You want to do what you can to help anyone who is having problems, even if it is just a kind word. Unfortunately, if you are alone now you will want very much to be with someone. Therefore this influence can actually signify a time of loneliness, if for some reason you have to remain alone.

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972
This influence normally indicates a few hours of unusually intense feelings. Today during the day you will have a strong desire to know yourself and to experience life largely through the emotion. This is probably not the best time for work that requires a completely clear and dispassionate state of consciousness, but you will not feel like doing that kind of work anyway. You will want to engage your emotions in whatever you do, and you will experience a richness of feeling and inner life that is satisfying in itself. This influence is good for any business matters concerning the general public or for any situation in which you have to appear before the public or a large group. Otherwise it is not an influence that stimulates drive and ambition.

Jeff Gordon, born 4 August 1971
You will find it difficult to feel anger or resentment against anyone, particularly the people who are close to you emotionally or those whom you encounter in the course of everyday life. Toward friends you feel protective and nurturing, and you want to help them in any way you can. If you have to work with others, you are able to keep things running smoothly because of your sympathetic understanding of their feelings. If you have a choice, you should have people visit you today instead of going out, because the benevolent nature of this influence is best expressed at home. This is one of the finest influences under which to relax and take it easy, and probably you will not feel like working anyway.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., born 10 October 1974
Theme: Favorable results **
Your energies are high, you feel good, and you believe that you can do twice as much work as usual, which you probably can. This time is also favorable for most business activity, for your actions are blessed with insight that helps you succeed in business where others might fail. For the same reason, this is a good time for making decisions. You have a very clear sense of yourself and your needs, so that you can make decisions according to your best interests, in the largest and most enlightened sense of the phrase. If you must take chances or do something that you can’t foresee the outcome of, this is as good a time as any. Your optimism now creates a positive energy that will attract favorable results from your gamble. Besides, you have the sense at this time to avoid any real risky ventures.

Kasey Kahne, born 10 April 1980
Insight and skill ***
Valid during several days: This influence gives you a great deal of confidence and makes you feel very self-assertive. Usually this is all right, but some people will express this energy by becoming arrogant and domineering. Also be wary of overconfidence, resulting in attempts to do things that are simply beyond you.Intemperance in almost any activity could completely undo the basically positive nature of this influence. Avoid exaggeration and try to maintain some sense of proportion. If you can do all of this, you will be able to get more work done than usual, and you will do it well. You will be able to accomplish things that you are usually afraid to tackle because you feel inadequate, and you can take the initiative when you would otherwise wait for others to take the lead.
With care and planning and adequate restraint, this influence is a general sign of fortunately timed action that takes advantage of the proper moment and makes the most of it. And this is not luck on your part, but insight and skill. All of this requires preparation, however, because impulsive actions at this time are not likely to be very effective.
It may be particularly important to placate persons in authority over you. If you act precipitately, they may become alarmed and think of you as a threat, whether or not you intend to be. Of course, if you do consciously intend to be a threat, this influence could be a help, assuming again that you have planned carefully. But if you are not conscious of your intentions, you may experience opposition from your superiors without ever quite understanding why.

Kevin Harvick, born 8 December 1975
his morning you are very sensitive to other people’s moods and can judge them quickly. You lend a sympathetic and friendly ear to people’s problems, for you have a strong desire to protect and support your friends emotionally. Peace and harmony in your personal world are very important to you at this time, and you are not willing to deal with someone else’s harsh feelings, except to try to smooth them over. Your sensitivity to other people also enables you to deal easily with groups. You respond to the group’s changes of mood and are able to fit your communication to that mood.

Jeff Burton, born 29 June 1967
Tonight you are likely to crave emotional excitement, something that departs from the routine of your daily life. You are likely to seek out people who are different from those you usually meet. You might spend the day or evening in very different surroundings. And while you may feel a bit impulsive, these impulses make you feel more alive rather than inclined to act rashly or stupidly. On a more quiet level, you may use this energy to make needed changes in your immediate personal life or your domestic environment. While others may seem startled by your apparently sudden moves, these changes should be constructive, and the people in your life will accept them. If you have to deal with groups of people or with the general public, you will advocate change and new policies.

I think I may…be *crossing my fingers* GOING HOME NEXT WEEK!!!!!!
We had planned on being at the Phoenix race….so hopefully we head for Arizona after a quick repack and visit with all the famdamily…or damfamily depending on what your view is. The plan right now is to spend the winter in Quartzite.
So See ya when I see ya!! Miss ya all!!
Tally Ho Lugnutz!!

*Spell checker isn’t working for some reason…This post may be full of our official Church of the Great Oval Language – Typoneese!!


NASCAR in Martinsville – Clance’ in Huntington OR…

Congrats to Jimmie Johnson and HMS on a day they deserve to win always…
Long time no post…SORRY. Not able to get SAT signal ever and a shattered ankle makes Clance’ a cranky kind of witch. **Everyone snickers except the #1 #88 fan. We have moved to a less ?? remote location near Huntington OR and I should have a little more luck with an internet connection (hopefully). If nothing else we have some friends that are letting me use their connection until I am back on the planet or at least for the rest of the Chase.
I went into MOURNING when Tony did not make the Chase. Now that I have somewhat recovered from the SHOCK….I am rooting for Denny, Jr., Harvick, Kenseth, JJ (who I still say is doomed to be second forever like Mark Martin…) and not Gordon and the Baby Alien. Surprise.
Update on the ankle…healing slowly but surely. I can put a whole 20 seconds of pressure on it at it a time and can move it up and down about an inch. Whoopee!!
I will post again ASAP and have scopes up the morning of the Atlanta Race at least.
I sure miss all my Lugnutz!!
Tally Ho!! Onward!!