NASCAR in Martinsville – Clance’ in Huntington OR…

Congrats to Jimmie Johnson and HMS on a day they deserve to win always…
Long time no post…SORRY. Not able to get SAT signal ever and a shattered ankle makes Clance’ a cranky kind of witch. **Everyone snickers except the #1 #88 fan. We have moved to a less ?? remote location near Huntington OR and I should have a little more luck with an internet connection (hopefully). If nothing else we have some friends that are letting me use their connection until I am back on the planet or at least for the rest of the Chase.
I went into MOURNING when Tony did not make the Chase. Now that I have somewhat recovered from the SHOCK….I am rooting for Denny, Jr., Harvick, Kenseth, JJ (who I still say is doomed to be second forever like Mark Martin…) and not Gordon and the Baby Alien. Surprise.
Update on the ankle…healing slowly but surely. I can put a whole 20 seconds of pressure on it at it a time and can move it up and down about an inch. Whoopee!!
I will post again ASAP and have scopes up the morning of the Atlanta Race at least.
I sure miss all my Lugnutz!!
Tally Ho!! Onward!!



  1. Welcome back! I’m a new reader and I’m a new blogger. I’ll check back soon.

    Regarding Martinsville…I so desperatly wanted the #43 to win! Same old faces in victory lane each week.

  2. SHE LIVES!! (I was beginning to wonder …..)

  3. Well, well. I thought you might have been abducted by Busch Brothers or other extraterrestials. I understand being in mourning for Smoke not making the chase, but he is still an excellent example of a champion. Glad to see you back. I have really missed you.

  4. Welcome back…been wondering how you were doing…glad to hear that the ankle is doing better and Clance will be on her feet before long and back to normal…

  5. I was wondering where you went……..kept seeing the drugged and stupid headline so I figured you were laying somewhere in some kind of fog….LOL. Welcome back. Peace, Mike.

  6. Whew, glad to hear you’re doin’ well, or about as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Hang in there, the ankle will get better.

  7. Thanks all my loyal Lug Nutz!! I miss you all!!

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